Hands up if you’d say you have a little baggage in your life? Emotional baggage that you like to carry round with you that serves no purpose but to bring you down and stop you from being the awesome person you most definitely are? Yes. We are all seriously guilty of doing this, but if you knew how easy it was to stop, you would wouldn’t you? 

Emotional Baggage

Well it is easy, in three simple steps – you don’t have to carry round things that will hold you back anymore. Who wants to waste their time and use up their valuable energy on stuff they don’t like? Not me. So start doing more of what you want and less of what makes you sad and you too will be getting rid of your emotional baggage for good. 

Stuff you own

Hello there piles of unwanted rubbish, trinkets and overstuffed wardrobes. You are not doing the mind, body or soul any big favours here so lets start clearing out. Wardrobe wise, be honest – how much do you actually wear? How much of your wardrobe is caught in a “it’ll come back in fashion, honest bruv!“? Actually to be fair I wish I’d kept all the tie dye stuff from my mid teens, but I digress… And this is the real biggie, the one that will really hold you back – how much of your wardrobe is waiting for you to slim into it again? That size nothing dress hanging in your wardrobe belongs to the past – and getting caught up on whether you will fit into it in the future is a huge piece of emotional baggage that you don’t need. 

Books, cosmetics, trinkets – all of these things are filling your life materialistically and you don’t need them. Give them away and you’ll feel awesome. And that means you’ll have room for the really special stuff. Cards from your 18th Birthday. Photos from your big girlie holiday. Love letters. This type of emotional baggage will mean more to you when you are old and grey and telling your stories than a super cute size 8 mini dress where you can’t get the zip up. 

Love and other stuff

We have all sorts of relationships in our lives – they are important for us to thrive and give us support when we need it most. Romantic, friends, family – they all do their thing at some point in our lives. But lets be honest here – more than once I’m sure we’ve had relationships with others that have soured beyond the point of no return and yet we’ve kept on hanging on. In the words of the Spice Girls, stop right now.

Do you always make the effort? Send texts that are not returned? Do you pine over photos and emails from your one great love who just happened to be having loving with other people? These sorts of things can leave you feel drained and unloved. And that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a healthy fulfilling life. If you are filling your time with rubbish relationships that drag you down, how will you have room for the super awesome people who will make you feel happy? You won’t. So leave those dodgy, half-arsed friendships and lovers behind, and make room for better people. 

Opinions, everywhere

Be honest, do negative thoughts hold you back? I’m sure that they do, and it is normal. But it is time to take them in hand and control them, now. There are opinions everywhere which infect your mind like TOWIE infects the English language but you can deflect these and make room for positivity, Starting with yourself. Do you engage in fat talk? Failure behaviour? A lack of self belief?  These thoughts, whilst although seem harmless at the time will hold you back and keep you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. Like take over the world. Take the decision to be positive, and the rest will flow from there.

What about the opinions of others? Social media makes it super easy to be affected by the thoughts and desires of others, both friends and strangers alike. Facebook has become some crazy cesspit of negativity of late which is not going to make you feel good about yourself, or the world in general. You don’t need to be seeing useless opinions from people that your barely know and don’t even like. Not even for Facebook stalking purposes – that way leads to bad things.  So clear out your social media accounts and only see the updates of those you actually like. That includes getting rid of your toxic exes. You’ll thank me. 

If you really want to own the rest of the year and life beyond, you have to get rid of your emotional baggage now. Dump the bad stuff, let in the good and you’ll be achieving greatness very soon. 


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