Le sigh. If it isn’t enough to have to avoid the massive January sales at the time when no one, anywhere has any money, it appears retailers are hitting our pockets once again at the start of the Summer. Quite frankly there appears to be sale picks every month of the year, but the Summer season has definitely emerged as the next big thing in the sales market.

And sure, you can often pick up a bargain and I have very luckily managed to buy two dresses over the past few years that I wanted to buy full price at massively reduced prices. But to be honest as usual the vast majority of sales do leave you feeling like you’ve been shortchanged by the ice cream man. So how do you get the best bang for your buck?

Summer Sales 2
Asos keep the sales real

 Make a list, check it twice

You don’t have to be Santa to make the best use of a list – lists can help the savvy sales shopper navigate the crap old stock and the stuff they don’t need. It’s tempting to pick up anything that has been slashed to 50% or less of the RRP, but it won’t be a bargain if you never use it. So before you hit up the sales, make a list of what you are looking for.

Even better, note things you have seen earlier in the year at full price and see if you can pick them up now for a fraction of their original cost. I’ve done this with dresses in River Island and cushions in Debenhams. I have also made the mistake of buying a lurid lime green dress in the Next sale though because it was only £10 – I think it probably cost me more than that to get rid of it when I’d finally seen sense. Lists are for the wise.

Go early, or go home 

It’s a well known fact amongst retailers and bargainistas alike that stores put out their best stuff early to entice sales shoppers in for bite number one of the bargain cherry. Then, they’ll mix up ok stock and the really rubbish stuff languishing unloved in their warehouse but by that stage you’ll be hooked – when you go back in to the store a week later it’ll be because you spotted something awesome on the first day. They’ve really reeled you in.

So there is in fact a perfectly sane reason to be queueing at 5am for the Next sale on Boxing Day then? Probably not, but as shops do put out their best goods on day 1, it is best to have a look then if you really want to make it worth your while. 

Summer Sales
River Island go for a front page splash


It is a summer sale, but in many of the in-store sales, you’ll find winter clobber. Don’t be alarmed, those stores that stick to a twice yearly sales kaboom like the big departments stores and more traditional retailers just like to do it this way, always acting a season behind. Make the most of this by stocking up on good, classic winter wear for when the snowstorms inevitably hit us.

Of course, more modern shops and those that sell online are constantly having sales and you’ll find a sale happens every couple of months where they shift the stock from then to make room for new. Oasis, Asos and Topshop are all well known for doing this but don’t go nuts – if it was crap full price, it’ll be crap in the sale too!

What are your best summer sales tips?


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