Last weekend I visited a friend’s house and was so inspired and awed by her interior design skills – all the décor was so coordinated and everything looked so perfectly pulled together.  One of the things I particularly loved was the artwork she had on her walls.  Each room had different prints and illustrations that fitted with the colour scheme of the room and complemented it perfectly.  “I’d like to have more art on my walls,” I said, “But it’s so expensive buying prints and getting them framed and so on, isn’t it?” “Oh no,” she said, “I buy digital files from Etsy and just get them printed and pop them in a cheap frame.”

This was a bit of a revealation to me, and so on returning back home I looked on Etsy for some potential printables.  Searching for ‘printable’ or ‘printable poster’ brought up lots of beautiful options and all for £3 – £10.  The best bit, of course, is that you don’t have to wait for delivery from some far-flung corner of the globe (okay, America), you just receive the files from the seller.  Many of the printables I looked at offered ‘instant download’ which means that on payment the files appear in your Etsy account and you can download them right away.  For others the seller will email you the files after payment (usually within 24 hours).

For my first foray into printables I picked this one, a quote from F Scott Fitzgerald, beautifully illustrated.  Our lounge has lots of colours but centres around greens and reds so I knew this one would be perfect.

etsy print

Once I’d downloaded the file I spent some time mooching around the internet looking for a printer that would print on cardstock.  After lots of unsuccessful searching I thought of printing it on photo paper and headed over to Photobox.  On Photobox a 10 x 8 enlargement costs £1.27.  I had it printed on matt paper so there wasn’t any glare when framed.  It arrived two days later and was perfect for framing.  As it’s a standard size there are lots of frame options available for fairly cheap.  I picked up one at Asda but Wilko do 10 x 8 frames for £1.80.  (I LOVE Wilko!)

framed print

It looks so lovely in a frame and will be perfect hung on the wall.  The best bit? All in all, it (would have, if I’d gone to Wilko) cost £6.44, which isn’t bad for having something pretty to hang on your wall.  Of course, you could do this more cheaply still by printing the image at home on card,  or by finding free printables around the internet (of which there are many – Pinterest is a good start).  If you rent and aren’t allowed to hang pictures it would still look great propped on a shelf.

Do you have any tips for sub-£10 home projects?

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