Whilst it may be true that technology has advanced greatly and so has science and medicine; is it really true that romance has been affected by the latest in technology?

Our methods of communication may be different and each of us would rather text than post a letter, but deep down romance has braved the change and come out the other side fresher and better than before.

Flirting and fixation

Technology has become so well integrated into our everyday life that we have even begun to flirt and find love through the use of technology, for instance, one of the latest crazes sweeping across Europe and other parts of the world is something called ‘sexting’.

Sexting is a prime example of how technology has changed the way in which we flirt and find romance, as rather than courting for an extended period of time and eventually making love or settling down it is now possible for us to simply text each other about our desires and wishes.

Love and Romance

With technology came the development of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; and with the development of these websites comes the ability to follow the one you love from a distance. This is another way in which technology has altered the way in which we behave where romance is concerned, as no longer do we have to approach somebody in order to get to know them, we can instead follow their news feed and status updates, waiting for the perfect moment to say hello.

Arranging dates and appointments

Asking each other out on a date or a night out is easier than ever with the wide range of technology that has become available to us; you can choose to call, text, email, Skype, or contact them on a social networking site in order to arrange to see them.

However, the types of dates that are being arranged have also become much more contemporary than before the introduction of technology. First dates are often forged within the front row of a local cinema complex, or better yet at a little bistro just outside of town that you discovered whilst browsing Trip Advisor on your lunch break.

Becoming attached – maintaining the relationship

Once you have formed a relationship and are going through the honeymoon period, it can be difficult to keep in touch and contact each other as much as you believe that you need to – this is yet another way in which technology has allowed us to develop our relationships and extend romance beyond direct contact.

Due to the invention of mobile phones and service providers, you can text your date or other half when you are not with them, or if you’re particularly shy perhaps you could text them whilst you are with them; either way technology provides us with an approach to dealing with short separations and overly attached partners.

There are many other ways in which technology has begun to influence the world around us; for instance this article has been posted on a website, not printed within a magazine or your local newspaper. If you pause for a second and open your eyes you will see the extent to which technology has become something that we rely upon – that’s what makes films such as Transformers so scary!

Author: Matt Hughes is a dedicated member of the Lovestruck team and has been working within the online dating industry for a number of years; Matt spends a lot of his time educating others in the art of love and walks them through his own experiences and what can be learned from his mistakes.

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