Now ladies (and fellas if you’d like to, whilst not specifically aimed at you at the least this post could be a real eye opener for you. Guaranteed). Anyway, I digress. Ladies, let me take you back to a time some years ago when starting your period was a painful memory and you beat the mattress on your bed with your bare hands at the injustice of it all. I was in fact an early starter and I was confused, in pain, annoyed and mainly just downright pissed off. Not only did I feel like utter balls once a month, I had to wear some sort of giant nappy construction to add insult to the already humiliating injury.

Let’s face it, back in the day sanitary towels were not pleasant. I spent the early years of secondary school walking like John Wayne and crossing everything I had to make sure no one could hear me coming with the distinctive rustle rustle of the old school towel. Even when the winged versions hit the shelves, there was nothing more depressing than having to wear adult mini nappies (aka sanitary towels) growing up. When I discovered tampons, it was like every Christmas in the world had arrived and then given me a giant present wrapped up with a glittery bow. I never looked back.

Always Infinity

When Always got in touch about their newest release of towel Always Infinity, I was intrigued, but had a look of teenage horror etched across my face. However, billed as the most exciting Always innovation to hit the market for over 20 years, Always Infinity is the only pad made from a liquid foam to absorb liquid and absorbs 10x its weight without you feeling a thing. A bit like a memory foam mattress, it moulds to your body and doesn’t bunch up, leaving behind the hideous days of feeling like you are in fact a giant baby. 

So far, so what? Well, I asked around and no everyone is so amused by the humble tampon. I was actually pretty surprised that many of my friends were avid sanitary towel wearers, not because they were brilliant, but because they just couldn’t use tampons. I felt sad for them. And then realised, that as well as perhaps tempting us non users back to the dark side, Always were doing it right for all the ladies out there by constantly revolutionising the sanitary towel market.

So I thought I’d put it to the test.

This would be no ordinary test however. To see how brilliant these new pads really are, I wanted to put them through their paces before recommending them to you guys and my friends alike. Armed with some workout gear and boxes of the new Always Infinity I decided to get my sweat on. Hard.

Always Infinity PadsI decided to pick a class that would make me move in as many unimaginable ways possible and that would make me sweat as much as possible in order to put these pads to the test. I wanted to make sure they stayed put, didn’t get in the way, didn’t feel too bulky and most importantly had maximum absorption when putting them under serious stress. I went along to a rave dance class which involved a full on 45 minutes of throwing shapes, thrusting, running around a room like a mad woman AND sweating buckets.

The result? Well despite feeling a little self conscious going in, within about 5 minutes I’d forgotten I was wearing them. After the class I hit the showers and I can confirm that these bad boys didn’t budge a bit and stayed absorbent to the max. I was genuinely impressed.

Am I convert? Possibly. These are definitely a new breed of sanitary towel, and I feel happy for all the excellent pre-teens who get this as their first pad experience. For those regular wearer of pads, get out there and get some. You won’t look back.

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