Miley Cyrus can sing. I might not be a huge fan of much of what comes out of her mouth, but if you’re into generic pop the chances are you’ll bop along to her smash hits.

Miley Cyrus is also really beautiful. She’s got a beautiful face. She can rock an undercut. Her body is wonderfully sculpted. I know that final fact because I unwittingly watched her swing it around a concrete cell on a wrecking ball in her latest video.


I love a stripper. Getting naked in safe places where the audience consent to what they’re about to see is a great way to celebrate the male and female form. It’s even better when it’s for a reason – to deliver a message like Amanda Palmer’s spectacular rant at the Daily Mail’s obsession with aesthetic over talent. And I think that’s what disappointed me about Wrecking Ball. She’s naked. She’s gorgeous. She’s cheapening herself a bit so the nation and the young people who admire her have easy access to pornographic footage of her. Ok.



She’s a woman free to do as she wishes, but she isn’t doing this to make a statement like Amanda. The popularity contest she’s created between her and the rest of the popstars so often whittled down to nothing but their cheekbones and hairstyle is glaringly obvious. Wrecking Ball now holds the Vevo record for most hits in one day, overtaking One Direction, who recently achieved the same feat.

We’re all familiar with the stereotypical American high school situation that revolves around the battle for acceptance. Familiar with it’s materialistic pointlessness and how it only serves to ignite shallow judgement and a momentary ego boost. This is what’s happening here, on a huge Western scale. What baffles me is why – unless you’re too young or inexperienced to know how this reflects on you and so you get blindly led by an experienced Director like Terry Richardson, a man accused more than once of committing sexually exploitative acts on women, into a very judgemental spotlight – she would lower herself to that. As she half-fellates a mallet head, her vocal talents get very much left in the shadows. Shame really.


The reactions of the world are what make stunts like this so non-classy. A male TMZ presenter salivates over the video like a caveman who’s found a copy of Playboy (and even he admits he doesn’t understand why she’s getting her tits out). Radio One presenter Nick Grimshaw marvels at public reactions to her actions and brags as the Vevo hits build to rival One Directions’. The Mirror provides a commentary of Wrecking Ball and rounds it off with a comparison to her ballsy performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs this year:

“She twerked, she thrusted, she rubbed a giant foam hand on Robin Thicke’s crotch… here’s hoping she gets invited to the Oscars.”

Is that really why you want to be invited somewhere Miley? Because it appears the public only want to see you, not hear from you, now.

Despite the bad taste exhibitionism, Vue recently rated Miley more dateable than Taylor Swift. I wonder how far she pushes it until the public become more averse – they did it to Britney. It could happen. 

Miley can do what she likes. But if you asked me which popstar in the world I’d like to be, I’d cast my mind back to the ones before her who immodestly rose up and fell way down in front of media outlets and nations. And I’d say, “anyone but Miley Cyrus”. We’ve seen this happen to young stars before, and it aint pretty.

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