Sometimes the path to making healthier choices can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? You might have an idea of what healthy foods are, but making it work in reality and day to day life can be tough. 

To get started, I find that making some simple swaps is an easy way to adopt a healthier lifestyle without stressing out about it. Here’s some ideas for simple healthy swaps!

Choose brown instead of white

Healthy Swaps

I know this one is pretty obvious but it can be easy to forget about the easiest healthy swap you can make. Instead of eating white bread, rice or pasta give their unrefined versions a try. Wholemeal bread, brown or wild rice and whole meal pasta all have a lovely nutty taste. The white stuff, which due to processing has it’s fibre (and a lot of nutrients) removed leaving something that is almost pure sugar, can be hard to give up, but try mixing it up to begin with. For example try replacing half the white pasta with brown pasta (once your sauce is on you won’t notice the difference!) gradually serve more of the wholemeal pasta and you won’t even miss the white stuff! Oh and when it comes to potatoes, why not give sweet potatoes a try instead of white ones? They bake in the oven much quicker and make great wedges!

Instead of fizzy drinks try not from concentrate fruit juice mixed with water, or even better plain water!


Fizzy drinks (even the diet ones, sorry!) are the devil of drinks. I can’t find a single good thing to say about them, except perhaps that they go well with a shot of vodka. Unless you are enjoying them in that capacity, a really healthy swap to make would be for some fruit juice mixed with water (fruit juice on it’s own can still pack a sugar punch) or better yet, just plain water. It’s cheaper, it’s better for you, your skin will look bloody amazing, trust me this is a swap worth making. If you miss those famous bottles with your name on I have a bottle of Buxton Still and a felt tip pen that will do the job 😉

Instead of low fat, choose full fat (sometimes!)


Yep you read that right! Anything that comes with ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’ on the label should be regarded with distrust anyway, but just cause something is low fat does not make it the healthiest choice. More often than not, if something is low fat the producers have replaced the missing flavour and texture with a chemical shit storm of additives and a bucketload of refined sugar. Read the ingredients list to double check. The only exception to this rule is with plain dairy yoghurt, as whichever way they come, they tend to not have the added crap so the low fat versions aren’t too bad. However, fat is not evil and the full fat option will likely keep you more satisfied and taste better. Low fat cheeses tend to taste like rubber!

Instead of milk chocolate opt for dark chocolate


I know that dark chocolate is not the same as that creamy bar of moreish Dairy Milk or Galaxy, but take a moment to consider why those chocolates are so addictive. They are packed with the perfect combination of fat and sugar to make you crave more and more. To start off with dark chocolate might not float your boat, but give it time and you will develop a taste for it’s rich flavour. As dark chocolate is lower in sugar than the milk varieties and contains more antioxidants, it is practically a health food (or at least that’s what I tell myself!) Plus you can get it in much more imaginative flavours – lime, chilli and sea salt anyone?

Give those swaps a go and you’ll be well on your way to having a much healthier diet!

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