Think of an average day.  How much time do you spend welded to your phone or ipad? Tweeting, checking in, Instagramming your sandwiches, absorbing and churning out an endless overload of news, photos and mindless nonsense.  

Now think back to your holidays and ask yourself the same question. On a sun-fried lazy day on a beautiful beach, did you view more of your sandy surroundings through an app than through your eyes, and did you overshare your sepia-filtered selfies with the world?

Facebook check in screen shot

Perhaps documenting every waking minute of your escape from normality on social media is all part of how you relax.  If so, it could be time to rethink the definition of the word holiday.  You might not want to take it to the extreme and impose a full-on technology ban, but a few minor modifications here and there will make sure you don’t lose your beach break to a virtual world.  It may also prevent the majority of your friends and followers from angrily checking in at the unfriend/unfollow button.

For some it starts weeks before you leave the UK.  I get that you’re understandably excited about jetting away to exotic shores, but is a daily ‘X more sleeps’ till departure date countdown Facebook status update really of interest to anyone else?  One mention will do.  If that.

So you’ve arrived, I see you’ve “checked in” at your sun lounger.  And in case I didn’t know who you were away with, you’ve tagged their name too.  Just a thought, and assuming you’ve gone on holiday with someone you actually like, how about talking to them? That’s in real life by the way, not in a series of comments underneath your online holiday snaps.  

It’s great to see your photos but there’s no need to to tweet them/upload them to Facebook as events unfold. A long-arm from your lilo, a ‘legsie’ shot of the ocean beyond your tanned legs and painted toenails. That beach is stunning and your cocktail looks delicious, but I can wait till when you get back to see and hear about your hols, really I can.

Everyone has their own way of switching off and tuning out during their time away from home, but make sure you’re not so busy staring at a smartphone screen that you miss out on some once in a lifetime memories.  If you truly want to relax, why not take photos with your eyes as well as your phone camera (and stop posing with your profile picture in mind). Leave the majority of the tweeting to the tropical birds (they do it better), and make the only thing you ‘check in’ your suitcase.

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