There are many ways to raise money for a good cause, you can run marathons, swim in dirty lakes, go skydiving, the options are endless.

But Amy Davies came up with an ingenious way to raise money that would entertain donators on a daily basis for an entire month. She learnt and sang 30 songs in 30 days on her ukulele, and even managed to convince some of her musical friends to join her on a few of the songs!

We spoke to Amy to find out more about her challenge, from why she did it to her favourite moments and find out what her plans are for the future.

Amy Davies

What made you do this challenge?

I saw that the charity Tenovus were also doing A Big Singalong for their 70th anniversary, since they have done a lot of research/work into how singing can help people with cancer. I had just started learning to play the ukulele and had heard about people doing a 30 day song challenge before and it seemed like something that would combine the two really quite well. I wanted it to be a big challenge that people could really get behind, enjoy watching and hopefully participate in.

I wanted to do something for this charity in particular because I’d done some work for them in the past and I know what great work they do.

One of the big problems you have when you’re fundraising is trying to get people to remember to donate. It can be a bit annoying posting a link to a donation page every day without any kind of update, however, I knew that with a 30 day song challenge I’d have a reason to post the link every day without hopefully getting on people’s nerves too much.

What was your favourite song to sing?

Well with 30 songs there’s quite a few favourites. If I had to pick one, it would probably be R Kelly’s Ignition (remix) because there was a big group of us so that made it a lot of fun. I also enjoyed singing Space Oddity by David Bowie because I think it suited my (not very good) voice reasonably well. Under the Sea was a lot of fun too.

What song did you hate playing?

I didn’t really hate any of them. We struggled to get through You Oughta Know because I kept messing up, but I still love the song. Under the Sea was quite hard to play because it’s so fast and has a lot of chords… but it was still fun.

What was your favourite moment?

So many favourite moments…. where to begin?! Probably at the end of every song looking back at it, especially on a collaboration and looking through the out takes which seemed frustrating at the time but hilarious when you watch them back. I frequently watch the out takes even now as it really makes me laugh.  That’s the part I miss the most.

And your least favourite moment?

Hard to pick really because I mostly had a blast. Even though I moan about how we couldn’t get certain songs done, I’m glad we really spent time getting it right because the song is better for it. Maybe my least favourite moment is when it ended then because it was a bit of an anti-climax and I do miss it (mostly).

Apart from loads of songs, what have you learnt from the experience?

I’ve learned quite a lot about fundraising, how to get people to donate, what songs make people click/comment/share and so on. I’ve also learned better how to work with people, a lot of patience and what songs suit me (and which ones really don’t). Oh and to always check the mic is on and you’re in focus before hitting record!

Any plans to do another one in the future?

Maybe. Never say never…. I’ve just started learning guitar so maybe I could do a guitar/multi-instrument one. I don’t know if people would donate again having already donated, but some people do the marathon every year, so maybe they would. Or maybe I could make it different somehow, like 30 days of collaborations, or 60 days, or 30 days of picking a song out of a hat… something to make it even more challenging! I will have a think….

You can watch all of Amy’s videos on her YouTube Channel!

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