Something happened a few months ago, and it is something that I haven’t been able to explain since. I watched the London Marathon in April and as usual was overcome with emotion and a small feeling of helplessness. I could never do that. It frustrated me a little, but to be honest I’d spent quite a few years shrugging it off. Having been a spectator at the 2011 & 2012 London marathons and the 2011 New York Marathon it was a feeling I was used to. It was ok, I was not a runner, I wasn’t fit and running it just wasn’t my dream to accomplish. Other people run marathons.

However, after the 2013 London Marathon, there was a buzz in the office, and many of us discussed entering. I found myself thinking and SAYING OUT LOUD “maybe I could run it” or “we’ve got ages to train” or more ludicrously “someone did it in a massive rhino suit…surely I can do it?!”. It was alright. I’ve said this sort of stuff before but nothing came of it in the past, again, all it female bluster.

So I really cannot explain when I got up at 5am that crazy day in April and entered the ballot. I cannot explain it. And I haven’t. But I pushed it to the back of my mind. Myself others in the office talked excitedly of runs along the Thames and lunchtime yoga (HA – this is actually hilarious). I don’t think I thought for a second that I’d actually get a place.

Then this happened a few weeks ago


So next year, on the 13th April 2014 I’ll be running the Virgin London Marathon with 35,000 other people. I haven’t decided which charity I’m running for. I haven’t decided on my training strategy. I have booked a hotel the night before and bought a hairband. So you know, priorities.

I’m hoping to write a monthly column to detail how a complete novice like me goes from walk to run and crosses the finish line a champion. If I’m honest, I’m COMPLETELY TERRIFIED. I hate running, but I definitely want to become one of those people that loves running. You know, like by the time I’m 35 I’ll be entering Ironman’s and the like.

But the fact of the matter is I’ve been out for a few 3 mile runs (many of which have involved walking) and I’m puffed out. And I’m even more scared. Does it get easier? Do I need someone to watch my tiny feet running to get trainers? Will I find a training plan that works. Can I eat ALL THE CARBS?!

Tune in next month to find out how the first four weeks of training have gone.

**Sam is tracking her marathon journey over at her dedicated blog, 

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