My body has been sad for quite some time. Even when I was at my greatest shape physically and aesthetically my body was crying out to be looked after in every way possible. Although eating within my calories I’ve been pumping my body with low fat, processed foods which are high in sugar and salt. I’ve definitely been sugar dependent. I binge on takeaways because I’ve starved myself of interesting food and coffee – well coffee is my utter addiction.

Enough. My body has freaked out for long enough. I’m running a marathon in 6 months and the only way I’m going to get around 26.2 miles is if I have a badass body. I’ve been following this routine for about 4-5 weeks now and already my entire energy levels feel transformed. My skin is better, I bounce out of bed and best of all, I’ve been performing hugely in my training. Sadass body is no more!

I changed up my morning routine

My morning routine consisted of roll out of bed, drink all the coffee, sometimes try and exercise or make it to the gym but more often than not don’t, feel ill, suffer with chronic IBS pains and then arrive at my desk feeling 150 years old. This my friends, is not an optimum way to start the day.

Instead I have be getting up and doing exercise at home. I’ve been doing Insanity (full review to come soon!) and the sort of High Intensity Interval Training on the DVD is tough but making me feel incredible about 2 hours after. I’m drinking buckets of water with it too, and I’ve been told interval training is what your body needs in your thirties. Soon, this will be replaced with marathon training, so getting my energy on first thing in the morning is important.

After showering and dry body brushing (I’ve re-introduced the body brush into my life. It’s awesome and I spend 15 minutes doing it when I can but I always spend at least 5 minutes every day and my lumpy skin is going!) I slather up with Aveeno which helps allergy prone skin, so my eczema ridden body is getting better and stick the kettle on. 

No coffee for me though – I add lemon slices to hot water and get through two mugs of this before leaving the house – and I have had zero IBS symptoms in the morning since.

The final addition is the biggy – it’s Wheatgrass. Yep I’ve bought some of the high quality powdered stuff and I mix about 10g with a little water and down it. It’s gross. It really is. But wow, even after only a few weeks my eyes are zingy and there is a definitely spring in my step. Whatever is in there, it’s working.

Supplements & Tea
My weapons in the fight against sad bodies

I definitely stopped drinking bad stuff

To be clear, I am not a big alcohol drinker. When I do really drink I tend to go a little crazy (I really am one of those female binge drinking statistics), but I don’t regularly pop open a bottle of red and drink it in one night during the week. When I do drink in the week it is often one or two clear spirits. However, I decided to cut out all drinking during the week and really nail down not drinking at least during October for a month to see how I felt. Basically I felt awesome. So I’ll continue.

My biggest vice though is coffee, and crikey do I feel absolutely awful on it. I was having 4-5 cups a day of poor quality instant coffee and it was worse than a drug on my body. So I stopped. Don’t get me wrong, that was hard, but when I did slip up and have just one I felt terrible so I knew I’d done the right thing. I won’t give it up forever, but for now I’m definitely not in the regular camp. I’m having peppermint tea instead (which is really helping out my IBS symptoms – Tea Pigs are my favourite brand), along with the odd cup of English Breakfast Tea and other herbal concoctions. Also, I’m drinking water by the bucket load. And what a surprise – I feel good and my skin is thanking me. 

I started eating all of the green things

My diet, if I’m honest wasn’t that bad overall. I just suffered ginormous blips of the sugar and carb kind which would lead to slumps and a clogged up system in general. I craved sugar all of the freaking time and I didn’t know why. So I decided to overhaul my main eating habits to try and wean myself off the low fat but processed diet I’d found myself on. Just a word – I’m a lifelong fan of Weight Watchers, and I do think it is good, but it does allow you to eat utter shit if it is within your points. That had to end.


I started making myself up a green soup a day (based on the “well Wheatgrass is green and hella good for you” theory of eating. This had broccoli, kale, spinach, green beans, asparagus and plenty of garlic and I noticed immediately how much less sluggish my system was and also how much more bright my eyes were. Add to the fact I was cooking in my new soup maker meant I didn’t overcook the veggies and they still had all the vits in them.

I would have this soup daily, and at weekends, I started making a vegetable green juice (I just don’t have time during the week). If I do get time/inclination I get a fresh green veggie juice from Crussh on my way to work. Added to my protein rich dinners and my porridge breakfast this sees me right. I just have to sort out my healthy snacking now!

Meditation. It worked y’all

Two things. First of all, I’ve never been one to be into relaxing stuff like this. On the go 100%. But this my friends DOES NOT WORK. It’s ruined my body, my brain and everything else in-between. Secondly, meditation actually bloody works. Headspace is an awesome little app which will give you a variety of guided meditations to chill you the eff out. Take 10 is free, but you’ll have to pay to access anything else. Do it. It is absolutely worth it.

I’ve also, dare I say it, been practicing Yoga. I KNOW. This never happens. I’ve started doing some Tara Stiles yoga from YouTube, with the below being my favourite, and I’ve signed up to a weekly Vinyasa Flow class. It’s absolutely doing wonders for my poor stressed out body. 

I changed up my sleeping routine

My sleeping routine essentially consisted of rolling my broken body off of the sofa, rolling it into bed and often NOT taking my make up off. I’d have a cup of tea (with caffeine, oops) and read via my phone or iPad until I passed out again. I woke frequently – 1am, 3am and 4am until finally my alarm went off at 5am and I’d start the whole toxic cycle off again.

No. Sleeping is supposed to be restorative. A haven, a place where you repair your body and your mind. I know that I get so tired by early evening that I fall sleep on the sofa which isn’t a great habit. So I’ve started to take off all my make up and use facial oils as soon as I get home so I don’t forget (I’m starting to be able to count the wrinkles like counting circles on a tree trunk). I’m doing more cooking from scratch which keeps me occupied for a bit, and I’m trying to stay active as opposed to just flopping on the sofa.

When it comes to getting into bed, no more drinking caffinated tea for me – I take up a Camomile tea (granted you have to get used to the taste but I’m loving Camomile and Spice Apple from Twinings and sip that slowly (don’t want to have to keep getting up to pee at my age!). I take my Perfectil Plus Tablets (do they work? I don’t know, but it feels good) and I read an actual book. A real live one which doesn’t include over stimulating flashing screens.

Once I start to feel a bit sleepy I have two final things left in my arsenal of sleeping goodness. I inhale a few drops on a hanky of The Body Shop’s Deep Sleep Oil (all of their deep sleep range is rad) and I fall back into my new orthopedic pillows and mattress like the bloody princess and the pea. Without the pea obvs. 

After this, I do not wake until the alarm, and I wake up rested and ready to tackle the day in a way I’ve never been able to since I was a teen.

What are your tips for a healthy badass body?

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