Today is the day. Finally after two long, cold, barren years of waiting. It is time. Sherlock is back on our TV screens to dazzle us with his deductions once again.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Sherlock is: it’s a modern day adaptation of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle books based on the sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his trusty partner in crime solving Dr John/Hamish Watson.

The books have had many adaptations over the years. To name a few in the last decade only would include; House with Hugh Laurie (House = Holmes Wilson = Watson etc), the Sherlock Holmes films directed by Guy Richie with Robert Downey JR and Jude Law and, the new TV series Elementary with Lucy Lu and Jonny Lee Miller. 

All of these adaptations are very different creatures from each other and Sherlock, and each in their own way fantastic (which I won’t go into detail here). So the question is how can something which has had so many different forms, whose source material is over 100 years old, still be a fresh and relevant to today’s audiences? And what is it about this particular incarnation of Sherlock Holmes that is so addictive? With a fandom so dedicated that even a two-year break in-between series isn’t enough to diminish their investment in the show and the fate of its characters? What have the show runners and writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss done that has kept this old story still cutting edge, so it feels vibrant and new?

The Show Runners

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat

Okay – so the majority of the Doctor Who fandom seemly wants to kill Moffat, but no one can deny that him and Mark Gatiss have done a wonderful adaptation with Sherlock. From the characterisation of Sherlock and John, to the inclusion of new characters such as Molly.

But mostly, it is the attention to detail that remains faithful to Doyle’s original stories. There is something for fans of the original work, lovely little tit-bits.  You are left in no doubt that these two gents are huge fans of Doyle’s work. The attention to the little details makes the scripts a cut above the rest.

Fantastic cast


But what would these lovely words be without a fantastic cast to act them? Moffat and Gatiss really struck gold with their cast. You have The Hobbit and Khan as the central characters. Or Martin Freeman and The wonderfully/woefully (you decide) named Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin Freeman plays it straight with John and it works a treat – watching him at the end of series two beside Sherlock’s grave, begging Sherlock not to be dead. Not a dry cheek in the house (or in this house – if you didn’t cry you are dead inside). And as for the man himself, Benedict Cumberbatch – the mere fact his acting career has headed into the stratosphere is surely evidence enough as to his massive talent.

However, lets not also forget the other fantastic actors, from Rupert Graves as Lestrade and Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson. There is simply not enough room here to do them all justice. There is no one in this cast that is dropping the ball and letting the team down. All of them are brilliant. 

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Face


It doesn’t hurt my argument. 

Martin Freeman

1 bafta

Fuck you he won a BAFTA. 

The extra bits

There is of course John’s Blog which you can read here, not to mention a little mini episode on iPlayer for your enjoyment. That’s what we like about the BBC – they are all give. 

The Two Year Hiatus

I’ve mentioned this above but seriously. Not many, if any shows can pull off a two-year hiatus and come back with such expectation and excitement. Especially if you consider the fact that each series is only 3 episodes long (I mean yeah they may be 1 hour 30 mins long but still. ONLY THREE EPISODES). 

Sher Locked

Sherlock is just awesome and I’m so glad it is back on my screen. Let’s not mention the fact that in 14 days I will probably have to wait another two years for another series. That’s is to say – dare to say it…. IF it comes back. DAMM YOU FREEMAN AND CUMBERBATCH FOR HAVING SUCCESSFUL CINEMA CAREERS. 

So join me tonight over on The High Tea Cast Twitter feed where I will be watching the long awaited come back of Sherlock. I will try and write something articulate but most likely will end in me screaming OH MY FEELS. 

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