I’m not usually a whiskey person but I decided it deserved a second chance, and when the lovely folks at Alexander & James asked me to review their Dalwhinnie Single Malt I got my cocktail shaker out.


First things first: this whiskey actually tastes good by itself, which I wasn’t expecting. Most whiskey makes me make that “nyak” face, but this is quite smooth, and very light. Pretty much whiskey for beginners. Nice and velvety, if a liquid can be such a thing!


It tastes even nicer with a little ice and a splash of water. Being so light, it works well in cocktails – the flavour doesn’t actually get lost under the other ingredients. If anything, they bring it out more. So! I chose a few of my most favourite flavours and whisked up a few tasty little numbers that really bring out the best of this scotch. Or, at least they do in my very uneducated opinion. Enjoy!

The Godfather

Well, this is a simple one to start with. Amaretto is one of my very favourite things. I can’t get enough marzipan! Simple take two shots of scotch and one shot of amaretto, pour over ice and sip slowly. Deeeelish.


Highland Sling

So, this is a soooort of whiskey sour but also sort of not. Whatever it is, it’s smooooth, lemony and delicious. Best served in a fancy pretentious glass with a twist of lemon and some sunglasses.

Half-fill a shaker with some ice, and throw in 1tsp caster sugar, a half-shot of lemon juice, 2tsp water and a shot of scotch. Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake yo’ booo…. cocktail shaker. Strain into a glass, decorate with lemon peel as you see fit.

Dalwhinnie single malt

Pearl Harbour Revisited

Unfortunately, that really is its name. However, it’s simple and delicious. I feel like this is cheating a bit ’cause it’s not reaaaally a cocktail, but it’s my favourite way to drink this whiskey. A shot of Dalwhinnie, a splash of vanilla essence and topped up with cola. Don’t forget the ice!

Dalwhinnie single malt

Scottish Jersey

I considered an Irish coffee (or I suppose a Scotch coffee) but hot chocolate is much more my thing. Pour a shot of whiskey over ice, and follow it with a cup of strong hot chocolate and add more ice. A looooong naughty chocolatey drink that’ll ice your cockles.

dalwhinnie single malt

Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition is pretty versatile, lovely and light, and very delicious. And I might just be a whiskey convert.

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