This post started out as ‘The return of the gentleman’. To be completely honest, it was an indulgent post all about Tom Hiddleston. If you’ve spent any time on Tumblr, you’ll be aware of the many good acts by the actor behind Thor’s Loki. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the evidence… 

The time he kept journalists warm

A red carpet journalist sent Tom a cheeky tweet requesting some soup to keep him warm. Tom agreed.

Continuing in his mission to make sure journalists stay warm on the red carpet, he offers his jacket to a showbiz journalist.

The time he saved celebrities from an acceptance speech faux pas

Tom makes sure microphones are at just the right level for his fellow celebs.

microphone1 microphone2

The time he danced

He also dances really, really well (I know that’s not strictly speaking ‘nice’, but I couldn’t not include this clip)

Good Guy Tom. But it’s not just him that’s being a good egg. Let’s look at example 2: Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence is a HTC fave for many reasons. We love that she’s close to her family and friends.jenniferlawrencefamily

She loves food.

jenniferlawrencefoodLike, a lot.


And she’s not afraid to be honest about being awkward.


She also cut an interview short to go behind the gates at a red carpet event and comfort a crying fan. 

Even the new Pope is getting in on the Good Guy movement. Recently, he’s called for people to be united by goodness rather than religion, and has urged people to stop criticising abortion, contraception and gay rights, and instead focus on love and compassion for others. 

It’s not just celebs that are embracing being nice and down to earth. Apps like social media community Happier encourage people to celebrate the good and positive in our lives. 

So, being nice appears to be back in fashion. What will you do today to make someone’s day a little nicer?

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