In the midst of marathon training, it can be hard to remember that you should probably do something other than running. Several nights a week spent trudging through the cold, dark, damp streets of London does not a happy, or healthy, runner make. Not only do you need variety within your running (hills, intervals, distance) but cross training can do wonders for you both physically and mentally. It was with this in mind that I found myself heading to take a look at the new BOOM Cycle Holborn studio, and to test out one of their classes. Cycling is a good way to give you knees a bit of a break, and with the promise of a spin class crossed with a rave, I was sold.  BOOM Cycle - Holborn The original BOOM Cycle studio opened in Shoreditch in 2011, and was so successful that they’ve expanded to a second stylish venue, complete with a DJ, 43-bike indoor cycling studio and recovery shake bar. BOOM’s philosophy is that staying fit should be fun: they’re on a mission to “re-define indoor cycling, moving away from soul-less gym studios to motivational and fun spaces to work out in.” Although the studio is still in various states of renovation, it’s already clear that it’s going to be a great place to work out. The staff were all friendly and excited, and the class that was happening when I arrived sounded high energy. Lots of music, lots of shouting (of the encouraging kind) and lots of sweat. Obviously I couldn’t hear the sweat, but it became obvious as soon as everyone came pouring out of the studio. Pouring being the key word here.  BOOM Cycle - Holborn The two classes on offer were BodyBLAST, a high intensity hour-long session which used weights to engage the upper body, and BOOM Cycle, a 45 minute sprint, hill and thigh-killer extravaganza. I opted for BOOM Cycle, and the very unfit part of me was exceedingly glad I went for the shorter session. I made the unwise decision not to wear dri-fit on my top half, and by the end I was literally dripping and my t-shirt was pretty plastered. Not my best look. The class itself was as fun as promised though, with just the right kind of music to get you bouncing while spinning and an energetic, encouraging instructor who was scarily fit and barely broke a sweat. Oh, to have her thighs of steel. One can dream. Or, you know… go to BOOM regularly.

BOOM Cycle - Holborn
There I am at the back, trying my best not to have a seizure.

The class was high energy all of the way through. We climbed hills, we bounced with our bums off the seat, we held our upper bodies still while pedalling (killer. Absolutely killer.) and we pedalled as fast as our little legs could carry us. And we sweated. Had I mentioned we did a lot of sweating? 

The first class looked like they’d had just as much fun and worked just as hard. The BOOM Cycle classes come in various lengths so you can decide just how hard you want to work – right up to 3 hours, if you can carry on for that long. I think I’d need a snack break. BOOM Cycle - Holborn

BOOM Cycle Holborn officially opens its doors on Tuesday 28th January, and are offering two whole weeks of free classes from the 28th til Monday 10th Feb. To book your class (in advance, and from 20th Jan) you can go here. Thanks for a great evening BOOMers!

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