Over the Christmas period there were lots of TV specials to choose from, but my favourite was the return of Educating Yorkshire. This was my favourite show of the year and by far the best reality show I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Since the show ended a few months ago I’ve constantly gone back to 4OD and re-watched my favourite moments.

I cheered and cried when the stammering Musharaf got his voice back, rolled my eyes at the bitchy girls and developed a crush on the Maths teacher (that turned out to be allergic to EVERYTHING including chairs and crayons…sexy).

The only downside of watching this show is the massive amounts of regret it’s made me feel about my own school days. And the more I thought about it, the more regrets got added to the pile until I just had to let all the HTC readers know about it before I exploded!

I wish I’d reported the bullying/stood up for myself

Like a lot of people, throughout my secondary school years I was badly bullied, and like a lot of teenagers today I never reported it. I was mainly a victim of verbal bullying and some of the comments have stayed with me to this very day.

I was told I was worthless, stupid, fat with a bad haircut, that no boy would fancy me and that I had a stupid name (I had Robbie William’s Millennium sung at me constantly…so utterly unoriginal even then). The bullying mainly came from people younger than me or from the people I thought were my friends, and so I believed them rather than reporting it or even just standing up for myself. This meant I didn’t really enjoy my school years, which this documentary reminded me is supposed to be occasionally fun.

I wish I’d made good mates quicker

friends in educating yorkshire

When I was approaching sixth form something strange happened. I made a friend, she invited me into her friendship group, and bam I suddenly had nice friends for my remaining few years at school.

Seeing how much fun the friendship groups have on Educating Yorkshire made me reminisce about my own group at school. They were smart so didn’t distract me from work, funny so I always laughed on lunch breaks and made me feel like I mattered. While it’s brought back great memories I can’t help but wish that I’d ditched the bad mates quicker and found these people earlier. I don’t really have many friends left from my school days and maybe if I’d found nicer people sooner I’d have a lot more connections now.

I wish I’d told my crush I liked him

This is something that only a few of my friends know so revealing it on The High Tea Cast is a huge thing, but again Educating Yorkshire made me realise that it’s no bad thing to admit.

During my school years I had a massive crush on one of my guy mates. And this wasn’t a two week crush that disappeared; this one lasted for 5 years. To this day we are friends, and he still has no idea and properly never will.

But watching romances bloom on Educating Yorkshire and seeing how those things don’t realy matter when you get older has made me wish I’d told my crush I liked him back in school. The worst that would have happened is he would have rejected me, and at 16 who cares? Plus I would have moved on quicker knowing the feeling wasn’t mutual.

I wish I’d chilled out more

In school I was all about the studying. I was a hard worker, never once caused trouble or handed in work late, in fact I don’t even think I forgot my PE kit…how boring is that! Although I joined several after-school clubs like the choir and drama, I even took that too seriously and completely stressed out about every detail so never really enjoyed it.

The chilled out kids on Educating Yorkshire seem to still get the most out of school without hating every moment. I wish I’d done the same. I wish I’d got into the odd bit of trouble as that does seem fun and a side of school I massively missed out on, so I’ve got no fun or interesting stories to tell.

I wish I’d realised teachers were human beings

teachers in educating yorkshire

At school I was completely terrified of teachers (which explains why I was such a massive swot). I’d do whatever they wanted in order to make them proud of me, but this meant that I never tried to talk to them like they were normal human beings.

Watching Educating Yorkshire has made me realise that teachers were just normal people after all, that they’re willing to have a laugh with you, interact with you and look after you while you’re on school grounds. I just I’d realised while I was still there. 

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