Can you believe it’s been just over ten years since FRIENDS ended? It might not seem that long, but that’s probably because no matter what time of day it is, Comedy Central are showing it. Don’t believe me? Turn to that channel right now and you’ll see that I’m right.

Not that we’d have it any other way, watching a familiar episode of FRIENDS with a cup of tea and a cooked breakfast can be the perfect hangover cure, plus there’s always the unexplainable joy that overcomes you when you find an episode you’ve never seen before.

But if you’re looking for a different way to inject your daily dose of FRIENDS, why not have a movie marathon with them instead? Because I’ve got far too much time on my hands (which is often spent watching far too many movies) I’ve compiled my own recommendations.

Phoebe – Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

Out of all the cast, Lisa Kudrow has been the bravest with her film choices over the years. Not wanting to be confined to Pheobe Bouffet’s kooky shoes, she’s done some amazing (and slightly dark) indie films as well as holding her own against Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal in Analyse That.

Romy and Michelle

Despite this, it would be wrong not to pick Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion to kick off your movie marathon. This film is all about that horrific moment in your life when you have to go to a school reunion. You want everyone there to be jealous of your life, for your old crush to realise what he missed out on and for everyone to be talking about you for the right reasons. Romy and Michelle want this too, so they lie about themselves in order to try and achieve it.

Great gags, great cast, great movie.

Monica – Scream


Now you’ve relaxed into the marathon it’s time for some silly horror. Scream was a classic horror franchise with humour, self-awareness and great twists.

Courtney Cox is a consistently good presence in these movies so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Whether you watch the first 2 where her and David Arquette were starting to fall in love in real life, the 3rd one where they’re having problems in real life, or the final one where they’re divorced but still have amazing on-screen chemistry, it doesn’t really matter, you’ll still feel like you’re watching Heat magazine on your TV screen.

Joey – Episodes


Poor old Joey Tribbiani, even after FRIENDS ended he still wasn’t exactly setting Hollywood alight with box office smashes or hit TV spin-offs.

But because movie marathons can get a bit tedious after a few hours, why not break it up a bit with a TV show instead? Watching Episodes will give you the Matt Le Blanc fix without having to watch Lost in Space or Charlie’s Angels 2.

A clever sitcom about the pitfalls of adapting a British sitcom for an American audience, Matt Le Blanc plays an exaggerated version of himself and takes the mickey out of his perceived persona fantastically. In fact he did it so well that last year he won a Golden Globe for his performance. This show shouldn’t work but it does.

Rachel – Bruce Almighty / The Good Girl


Proving herself to be more than just “the haircut”, Jennifer Aniston has appeared in more films than her FRIENDS co-stars. Ok, not all of them are fantastic, and a lot of them are Sunday romcoms, but there’s certainly a lot to choose from.

Depending on how you like your movie marathons, there are two Rachel films that are good for a marathon. If you’re in a silly mood then definitely pick Bruce Almighty. The role which reinvented her career and showed she could do comedy, her role as Bruce’s girlfriend who struggles to put up with his attitude (even though he’s actually God) is superb.

Or if you like your indie films, The Good Girl shows her serious side. She plays Justine, a cashier in an unhappy marriage who starts an affair with a stock boy (don’t judge her; the stock boy is Jake Gyllenhall). It’s an unforgettable Aniston performance which every Rachel fan is desperate for her to do again.

Ross – Big Nothing

big nothing

David Schwimmer certainly isn’t boring with his movie choices either.

I originally bought this movie as it co-stars Simon Pegg, but David Schwimmer ends up stealing the limelight and giving the best performance. It always surprises me that this film went straight to DVD in America as it’s pretty amazing.

I won’t lie; this movie is pretty fucking dark in terms of plot. When Charlie (Schwimmer) gets fired from his job, he needs to quickly make money to help support his family. So when Gus (Pegg) suggests blackmailing a local priest who’s up to no good, Charlie can’t help but get involved. But it all starts going wrong and nobody is really as they appear.

Anything else would be a massive spoiler so you might just have to take my word on this one I’m afraid.

Chandler – Fools Rush In

fools rush in

Matthew Perry was always my favourite FRIEND. So when the show ended, I started watching every Matthew Perry film I could lay my hands on…although granted there wasn’t that many to pick from. Fools Rush In is without a doubt my favourite, so it seemed only right that I recommended it for a FRIENDS movie marathon.

The story revolves around Alex (Matthew Perry) and Isabel (Salma Hayek) who have a one night stand. Three months later, Isabel turns up out of the blue and announces she’s pregnant, and that Alex is the father. Cue families clashing over cultural differences, Alex and Isabel clashing over his work but all with a lot of love thrown in, it’s a lovely little romcom. And like any classic romcom it’s also got some great musical montages which I dare you not to sing and dance a long to!

Failing that, you could just watch the incredible debate about drug addiction on Newsnight that Matthew Perry took part in. He definitely won that argument.

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