It seems like every month there is a new ‘in’ super food. As a healthy living blogger, I’ve tried more than my fair share of these super foods so have been able to find out which ones are worth their (often really bloody expensive) price tag. Can you really pump up your diet with these crazy powders and foods? With these four you definitely can.

Maca powder

Maca Powder

I’ve been using maca powder, which is a root grown in areas of South America for some time. It comes packaged as an orangy coloured powder that has a slightly malty taste. It’s said to be an adaptogen, so can work in different ways depending on what you have going on in your body. I’ve used it to help my body cope with stress and help to balance hormones. Whack it in a smoothie or make my tasty Coconut and Maca Snack Balls to reap the benefits. Maca can easily be found in Holland and Barrett shops and Amazon

Coconut oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is just ace, if you are going to buy one ‘super food’ then this should be it – it’s a great all rounder. High in medium chain triglycerides and lauric acid, coconut oil can support your body to burn more calories and help you feel fuller. It also has anti microbial properties. Use it in cooking, especially roasting veggies and curries, pop some in a smoothie and even use as a moisturiser. Coconut oil is now easily found in many major supermarkets or Amazon.

Chia seeds

chia seeds

Yes, ch ch ch ch chia! The same seeds used for the chia pets! However they are now a prized super food. These little grey seeds absorb more than twice their weight in liquid so adding them to meals can keep you fuller. They also have a great profile of healthy fatty acids and can be an excellent source of energy. Sprinkle them on stuff or try making them into a chia seed pudding – just combine 2-3 tbsp of chia seeds with 1 cup of liquid such as coconut milk and some sweetener such as honey. Mix it up and leave the chia seeds to swell up and turn into a thick pudding. Chia seeds can be found at most Holland and Barrett shops and on Amazon.

Matcha green tea powder

tea pigs matcha green tea

Like regular green tea on steroids, matcha is pure ground green tea leaves so contains over 20 times the antioxidants contained in a regular cuppa. Matcha is great for revving up your metabolism and giving your energy a gentle lift. It’s concentrated antioxidants can support glowing skin and protection against illness. I love the matcha from Tea Pigs which is available online or in some department stores. A little goes a long way, so try adding some to a smoothie, making your very own matcha latte (just whisk up the matcha with some hot water and pour frothy hot milk on top) or having a matcha shot. 

Have you tried any of these super foods? Are there any other super foods you would recommend?  

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