The Roustabouts
Anna & Mark aka cabaret DJ duo The Roustabouts

Ever wanted your actual real job to allow you to dress as flamboyantly as possible, creating a character for a night or two and then helping the audience dance the night away? Us too. Sadly, we cannot but we can live vicariously through those that do.  Thanks goodness then that in this podcast we got to meet an incredible DJ duo/couple who have amongst some of the best wigs/costumes/ideas/set lists we’ve ever come across.

In other news we cover off the Winter Olympics, Russia’s anti-gay stance, touching people on trains, running injuries and crushes on Phil from Location Location Location. Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

We’ve got:

  • Touching people inappropriately on trains? Us? Never.
  • Our regular newscaster Simon Button tells us all about Russia, Sochi and lots of snow.
  • We get straight in the living room and heads of the amazing cabaret DJ duo Anna & Mark, aka The Roustabouts.
  • And finally, we are played out a band with soul and heart it’s City of Ashes.

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Spin those decks and have a listen!

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