Dear Anxious Girl,

I know you well, far too well.

We’ve got close lately and you’re making an impact on every little bit of my life. You’ve made me scared, blown the tiniest things out of all proportion and tried to put everything under a dark shadow.  

But now it’s time I got tough. You’ve been hanging around being a pain in the ass for far too long. It’s time you moved on, and I’m going to make you do that. Here’s how.

When you make me wonder why anyone would bother spending time with me, I’ll call for support and reassurance from that strong team of friends and family I have fighting my corner. They’ll never let you beat me.  

When you make me feel like everything is black, I’ll bring back the light with small but hugely powerful things. My favourite music, a sunny day, a glossy magazine, tea in my best big mug.


When you won’t let my brain switch off in the small hours of the morning, I’ll grab hold of those racing negative thoughts and throw them out of the window, so I can have the best night’s sleep and wake up feeling good again.

When you make me so nervous and self-conscious I can’t find the words, any words, I’ll dig deep to find and unlock those witty, clever comments I know you’ve hidden somewhere in my head.   

When you make me lose sight of what I’m good at, I’ll come right back at you with a list all the brilliant stuff I’ve done and achieved in my life.

When I start spending less time with you and your negative ways I know I’ll achieve even more.

There’s a chance you might always be part of who I am, but you’re not going to define me. Things are going to change, and armed with all of these positive thoughts, I’m going to show you who’s boss.

Over and out,

Your confident and positive self. 

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