So I am sitting here, making way through season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you know, as you do. But then someone says something about Slayerfest 98…. That is nineteen ninety-eight, you heard me right.  That means anyone born in this millennium is actually predated by Buffy. Buffy AD, in the year of our slayer if you will. Not wanting to make you feel old, but I will, so thought I’d share the wealth. And while we’re playing this game, come join me on a nostalgia trip.

There is a chance you are reading this on your laptop, your mobile or your tablet. Well there was a time when a tablet was a piece of science fiction technology found on the likes of Star Trek, and that time was only about 20 years ago. So back then, we believed a tablet to be something commonplace in the 24th century and now you have a slice of the future in your hands.

To say that technology has moved rather rapidly in recent years would be somewhat of an understatement. Looking back to my first phone, I started off with the indomitable Nokia 3210, otherwise known as Mjölnir or Thor’s Hammer. Such electrical wizardry at the time, it even came with Snake preinstalled, the height of mobile gaming where a line chased a dot to make a longer, quicker line. I’m talking about the first one where you couldn’t go through the outer walls, the revolutionary Snake 2 didn’t arrive til the 3310 hit the scene.

Nokia 3210 mjolnir
If I was to find my 3210 now, I’m sure it would still be working, but fast forward to today, phones now last you 2 years if you are lucky and screens will shatter if dropped from a height of 3 inches or higher. Instead of chasing a dot around with an approximation of a snake, you can get a full GTA city where you can chase drug dealers and gang bangers around instead. Fun times.

How about the times where instead of adverts about in play gambling and ridiculous interest cash loans, we would have adverts of subscription services where you pay £6 a month to get a few dismal quality ringtones like the ring ding ding ding crazy freaking frog. Or you could text a couple of names to a prophetic love calculator on Smash Hits and it would give you a percentage and rate your chance of success as a couple. 23% things aren’t looking positive for Sharkeisha and Kelvin.

TV text in love calculator
Maybe if you wanted to call your friend on their flashy new Sharp GX30 phone, the first megapixel cameraphone that took crystal clear pictures if you held it perfectly still for 10 seconds, you might pick up your phone to a digital screaming noise. Oh the age of dialup and Napster, when downloading an individual song could take you the best part of an hour. Well I downloaded a 60mb Facebook update (about 25 songs) wirelessly on my phone in two minutes the other day.

So looking back on our “golden age”, times sure have changed. Which becomes all the more evident as I sit here talking to my Xbox and using hand gestures to select the next episode of Buffy that is getting streamed straight from the cloud.

I imagine I will have a personal jetpack and robot butler within five years, but in the meantime, what technology to you look back most fondly on?

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