Facebook: everybody knows dear old Facebook, the social media monster which somehow manages to simultaneously create and destroy friendships, entertain and annoy us, and both save and eat our time.

In the ten years since its inception, most of us have either had or are having some kind of relationship with those infamous blue and white pages. Hey who knows, you might have even come across this post thanks to its super powerful information sharing and networking talents!

Could you delete your Facebook?

So what kind of Facebook user are you? Are you someone who delights your friends with daily witty status updates? Are you keen to let everyone know when you’re ‘shattered or bored.com’ when stuck in roadworks or enduring a particularly riveting train journey? Do you like to keep us all gripped with a mysterious ‘some people need to sort it out’ type update or arguably the best of the bunch, tease us with a lone miserable faced emoticon to which there can be no other response than to probe you for more juicy detail?

Maybe you say you’re ‘not bothered about it’ despite sneakily devouring your news feed at ten minute intervals throughout the day. And finally, you there claiming to hate it, yes you, there are over a billion monthly active Facebook users, and I bet you’re one of them.  

Whatever type of BookFacer you are, the question is could you delete it? Could you pull the plug on one of the most convenient forms of communication, something which helps you organise a weekend away or a surprise party, and reconnect with friends, family and old work mates in the blink of an eye?

If I was going to keep this short and sweet, my own personal response to this would be as follows:

“No chance, because I am very nosy.”

However in the interests of making this post, well, interesting I’ll make a compromise. For one or even two months, rather than going cold turkey and deactivating my account entirely I’ll delete the Facebook app from my phone. Oh go on then, let’s go crazy: I’ll banish it from my iPad too. This will make it more awkward and slightly more time consuming to access, so in theory means I’ll check it less often, ideally not at all. If everything goes to plan I’ll have to satisfy my need to know what’s going on by having more conversations in real life with actual humans. Imagine that.

Not being someone who regularly shares their deepest troubling thoughts with several hundred friends/acquaintances (last recorded status update circa July 2013 observing the amount of insects infesting my windows during hot weather) this shouldn’t be too much of a hardship. Despite this, I appreciate that to others with a deeper attachment to the social network, saying goodbye to your phone’s most tapped app is comparable to the loss of an arm/leg/several teeth.

But can it really be that tough to live without it? The site is only ten years old, and before this communication powerhouse was around we still managed to maintain pretty good relationships, so I’m sure the pre-2004 days can’t be that difficult to recreate. In the absence of the iconic lower case letter ‘f’ app on my smartphone screen I’m going to write someone a letter, make a call on a landline, and endeavour to meet in person with at least a couple of the friends I’d normally only chat to through social media.  

I’ll report back on my foray into these ancient communication methods in a few months’ time – it’d be great if you could tear yourself away from Facebook for a minute to find out how it went.  

Could you delete your Facebook?

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