Is it just me, or are things just a little too easy these days?

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If you were born before 1987, teenage years were very different compared to those born afterwards. For one, mobile phones were not owned by everyone, and certainly not owned by anyone under the age of seventeen. I remember getting a phone when I got my car, and not a moment before.

The only reason I was allowed such a luxury was because my parent’s thought it was dangerous for me to drive without one. For all intents and purposes, my phone was just a phone. Sending a text was a rarity, and there definitely was no camera on it. I can’t even imagine what I would have done if I had Instagram in high school. I probably would have flunked out. I was lucky to be able to play a game of snake!

When I wanted to see my friends, I would have to call their house phone (I know!) and hope they were home. If they weren’t home, I had to cross my fingers that their little brother would remember to give them a message for me. And if they were home, I had to hope their mother or father wasn’t on the phone with someone important (i.e no one special, they just didn’t feel like getting off the phone). 

All in all, it was a hassle to get in touch with one of my friends to ask them to go shopping with me on a Saturday back in 2001. And forget about sending an e-mail. You were lucky if you saw a response within a week.

Today, there are seemingly endless amounts of portals used to connect with your friends. Unfortunately, we all abuse this luxury. We completely take it for granted that we can contact a friend we haven’t spoken to in a month at a moment’s notice. But if you couldn’t connect with them that quickly, would you have let yourself go so long without speaking to them? My friend told me this morning that he sleeps with one ear open. Not one eye, one ear. Why? Because his phone is always going off, and it’s usually work.

When you were 16, your job consisted of working at camp, selling t-shirts, or manning the Orange Julius station. Now you’re an adult, and if you make a mistake at work a lot more can go wrong then just serving someone a sour smoothie. I get it.

girl time

We become enthralled by the hold our mobile phones have over our lives. But whatever happened to just girl time? Or time with your friends in general. Put down the phones and take a step back. If you’re texting while your friend is talking to you, chances are you’re getting half of two separate conversations, instead of just one whole one. Step away from the cell phone (our purses even come with little pockets for them now!), put away the tablet, and pour a glass of wine for you and your best bud. I promise you, no good story ever started off with, “So I was out to lunch with Jessica but texting Justin the entire time, when the craziest thing happened!” Chances are you were so distracted, you don’t even remember what you ordered. It’s important to keep these in-person connections going. There really is no substitute for the real thing. 

 This guest post was written by Jill Knapp-Zitron, author of the novel ‘Chase‘.

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