I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant, which is pretty bloody awesome considering I thought that option might not be on the cards for me. Anyone remember my post about losing my periods?

As a self confessed health nut, I’m obviously trying to eat well, exercise and look after myself and the baby. However a little thing called morning sickness (or in my case most of the god damn day sickness) had other plans. I was also not prepared for the mind numbing tiredness, which coupled with a lack of caffeine, just made me want to say in bed most of the day.

After a couple of weeks of swinging from feeling sick to wanting to inhale ten cheese toasties I managed to figure out a way of eating that helped me cope with the effects if the first trimester on my body.

cheese on toast

1. Upgrade your cravings

When I feel sick all I want is crisps and cheese toasties, pretty much all the carbs! Instead of going for shitty cheap cheese and white bread I chose organic cheese and a good quality whole grain bread. I also chose Popchips instead of walkers crisps or Pringles. Whatever you might be craving, or maybe whatever you can stomach, just go with it but try and choose the healthiest best quality option

2. Don’t beat yourself up

It’s ok if you can’t work out as normal. It’s fine and highly recommended to keep on exercising when you are pregnant, but when you are knackered, popping down the gym might be the last thing you want to do. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be going crazy to get the benefits of exercise, in fact it’s best if you go at a more gentle pace. I switched from high intensity interval training to more yoga and walking. If you were a gym bunny before getting pregnant you should be fine getting back in there although at a reduced intensity, once you feel better later in the pregnancy

davina pre and post natal DVD

3. Take your supplements

It’s vital that you take folic acid, but I’d also recommend taking a full spectrum pre natal complex, fish oil and vitamin D. Getting all the nutrients you need can help reduce the impact of the tiredness and sickness. If sickness is a real issue, vitamin B6 has been shown to help.

pregnancy supplements

4. Don’t worry if you go off veg

When you can’t face vegetables you might panic, but try not to worry as the baby will still get what it needs, another reason to take your supplements. However you can experiment with different ways of eating veg that might seem more appealing. Green smoothies were great for me, as was chopping up veggies small and hiding them in sauces like you would do for kids (or fussy partners!)

green smoothie

5. Eat little and often

A lot of nausea is due to low blood sugar and an empty stomach, hence why a lot of women get it first thing in the morning. Try and eat little and often and stock up on healthy crackers and other carby foods to get you through. I enjoyed oat cakes, rice and corn cakes and whole grain bread

6. Sleep whenever you can

Don’t feel bad about having an afternoon nap. You might want to adjust your expectations of what your body can handle too. We had tickets for late night gigs and when it came down to it, there was no way I was going to be out after 9pm!

All of this can be helpful, but ultimately don’t stress! Stressing about things will just make it all worse, just do what you can and you and the baby will be fine. Remember plenty of healthy babies are born to mothers that ate nothing but chilli cheese burgers (in the case of one friend of mine).

If you’ve been pregnant how did you handle the start of pregnancy?

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