Think about it. You’ve gone through at least THIRTY hoops to secure a job interview for your dream job. You’ve bagged a classy outfit, you’ve planned your journey and most of all you’ve done all your research.

But anxiety creeps in. All of a sudden you are looking at the job description and wondering if you really are good enough after all. You start wracking your brains for whip smart answers to all their possible questions, and as you travel in to your interview, little details start creeping in to your interview dry run that Didn’t. Actually. Happen.

Before you know it, you are planning to tell a big fat massive lie in your job interview to help you nail the job.

The guys at Rice Krispies Squares know all about what lying in an interview looks like…

 Alright, so these guys are the ultimate in blatant lie tellers. I’m not suggesting you;d ever plan to be that obvious, or indeed tell an outright lie which totally contradicts your skills or experience. But what about the little things, the things we think we have to say that interviewers want to hear. Any of these sound familiar?

  1. I want to work at this company because I’m passionate about blah blah blah [insert massive exaggeration here]
  2. What I most enjoyed about my last job was blah blah blah [insert cheeky white lie about loving minute taking]
  3. My current boss would definitely say my worst trait is that I’m a perfectionist [cough cough]

Not so bad right? Wrong. Whilst you certainly aren’t committing any real crimes against employment with statements like these, you certainly aren’t being true to yourself. And when it comes to selling your self to your future boss, that is all that really matters.

Little white lies like this might make you feel more confident about your chances, but they just aren’t that effective. When you tell a little untruth like this, especially when you are trying to be sincere, it’s really bloody obvious. I’m not saying that you’ll be hooked up to a lie detector, but as humans, we are pretty good at spotting who is adding a bit of VAT to their particular story. You know the one in the pub that tells a ridiculous tale that no one believes? Well that could be you sitting in front of your interviewer.

When we are are genuinely honest and passionate about ourselves, our skills and the desire for a job, our confidence rises, our energy grows and suddenly we become that shit-hot candidate that is reeling everyone in. If you can’t think of a genuine reason why you do want that job, perhaps it is time for a rethink – even if you ended up being a master liar and getting the job, would it make you happy?

So, whether you are like Siobhan’s (or indeed Barbara or Jerome) interview for Rice Krispies Squares or not, the best trick in the interview room is to just be honest – and the rest will flow!

What’s your worst interview lie?

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