I may be too scared to cycle in the big city, but I still appreciate a pretty bit of cycling porn. While my other half may spend hours poring over tyres, chainsets and derailleurs, I’d much rather look at colourful cycling lycra or decide what sort of bell I’d like to alarm wayward pedestrians. 

One thing we do have in common is a fondness for Brompton Bicycles. He has a navy Brompton that he rides to work, and I just think they’re great. They have a brilliant brand, they stop rush-hour commuters from bruising my bum with their handlebars and I’m jealous of people who can do the two-second flick to open them. Brompton also sell great accessories that make lots of sense.

One such accessory is their new collaboration with Chapman bags, the Brompton Game Bag. Inspired by Will Butler Adams’ (Mr Brompton) grandfather’s game bag, it’s a beautiful canvas satchel that can either fit neatly to the front of a Brompton or be worn as a messenger bag. 

I popped down the Brompton shop in Covent Garden on Wednesday to check it out, and my verdict is: bloody beautiful. I want one.  It’s pretty hardwearing – the canvas is double layered with latex in between to make it water resistant, and the buckles and fittings are made from brass and leather – but it would need some looking after, especially when bought in yellow. Which is the obvious colour choice, because it’s delicious. The bag also comes in olive green and navy blue, and has a padded pouch for your laptop along with some pockets on the front and a lovely thick shoulder strap. The materials are all sourced in Britain where possible, too.

At £230 it’s not a purchase I’d take likely, but this isn’t your average ‘chuck around on the daily commute’ bag. Brompton and Chapman designed the Game Bag to be something you cherish and look after. It’s a bag for taking on cycling holiday in Wales, for picnicking in Hyde Park and for packing up for a weekend away in the countryside. For something a bit more hardwearing that can be thrown around and covered in oil, Brompton also sell the O bag in a couple of sizes that’s wipe clean and all sorts of other practical things. With the Game Bag, you’d love it so much you wouldn’t dare let any oil get close to it.

In short, this bag makes me want to cycle more. Which can only be a good thing. Brompton will be releasing the Game Bag in July and it’ll be available from and Brompton Bicycles shops. I suggest you start saving your pocket money. 

Disclaimer: Brompton didn’t pay me to write this, I just really like their pretty things!

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