Your vagina. How often do you think about it? More’s to the point, how often do you talk about the health of your vagina? Is the amount of times I’ve made reference to the word vagina in this opening paragraph making you feel uncomfortable? Well don’t be. Every woman has one. A vagina that is.

For some unfathomable reason, many people feel uncomfortable talking about their vagina – what’s happening to it, what’s not happening to it and how healthy it is. many women avoid going to talk to their GP when they notice abnormalities, and many many women avoid smear tests because they are ashamed. None of this is good. And that is why Vagisil have launched a new campaign to get us thinking more positively about our vaginas and all that happens to them.

Vagisil Lets Do Something

The Let’s Do Something movement aims to make intimate health issues and concerns an everyday part of women’s lives by talking openly about them. The campaign wants to make sure we understand how to address intimate health and more importantly to make sure we don’t feel worried about doing it.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t know where to start on how to care for my vagina if things aren’t right. I’m not sure how brilliant I’d feel about popping off to my GP and I’m not even sure whether I’d approach my friends with the intimate goings on of my genitals. But that isn’t right, and that is what Vagisil are aiming to tackle.

Vagisil Itch

I hadn’t realised this, but Vagisil have been around for 40 years globally as experts in the health of your vagina. They’ve produced some pretty shocking stats including:

  • 42% of women are uncomfortable even mentioning the word vagina in daily conversation
  • Just four in ten women (43%) are confident they know the names of the parts of their vagina and where they are located
  • A third of women think the outside of every vagina pretty much looks the same
  • More than half (52%) would still be embarrassed to ask for advice from a pharmacist etc. if they had an intimate health problem
  • The average woman has said the word vagina 13 times in the last year (THAT IS ONLY ONCE A MONTH!)
  • Perhaps worryingly 54% of women wouldn’t ask someone to have a look if they encountered a problem with their vagina

And finally, the one that scares me the most…

  • Four in ten women (38%) have never spoken or talked about their vagina or intimate health with friends or family members

It seems we have an issue with our vaginas in the UK, and it is time for that to end. Because vaginas are awesome really, and given that your vagina in your lifetime goes through some of the most substantial changes (through having children, the menopause, puberty etc), it’s about time we gave it the attention it deserves.

Vagisil Sweat

Did you know there are more sweat glands in your intimate area than under your arms? No I didn’t either. But Vagisil do, and as experts in intimate health care, they have a range of daily care and treatment products specially designed to help cleanse, protect and maintain the health of your intimate area. 

So – how comfortable do you feel about your vagina now? It;s time for us to stop being embarrassed, stop being ashamed and start talking about our vaginas as if we mean it.  And if this blog with at least one mention of vagina per sentence will get you more comfortable about using that word – then we at Team Tea are happy!

To find out more about your vagina, and intimate health care, head over to the Vagisil site.

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