I’m an unashamed twitter addict. Even when I’m not tweeting, I love reading my timeline, and seeing what’s going on.

Twitter has good points and bad points of course – few things in life are completely positive or negative. Trolling, spamming and the unwanted opinions of various politicians are some of the obvious pitfalls, but for me, the benefits outweigh these niggles.

It sounds bizarre to say this, but I’ve actually learnt a lot on twitter. Pre-twitter, for example, I felt like I had a good handle on politics, feminism and why the Daily Mail is a waste of paper/internet space. Oh how naive…

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Pre-twitter, I always knew I should avoid the conservatives and anything they stood for. Post twitter, the same is true for me, but now I understand why a lot more. @MsJackMonroe for example, has taught me so much about the necessity for food banks at the moment, as well as why the fact that they are needed is such a travesty. @OwenJones84 is one of my favourite tweeters, who writes and campaigns about politics the inequality our current political system enforces. Amazing ladies such as @darlobikegirl, and @PinkWaferBelle can always be relied on to stand up for what they feel is right and don’t take any crap in an often troll infested medium. The world of political commentary has also opened up curtesy of @thisisamy_ and @hrtbps, the former being a fabulous disability rights campaigner, CAB advocate and source of information and reliable stats about benefits, whilst the latter can generally be relied upon to point out the general absurdity of British politics.


Pre-twitter I had a general belief that feminism was about equality. Post twitter I’m coming to realise it’s so much more complex than that. Accounts like @EverydaySexism have helped me to understand issues I’d never really considered before, such as how far reaching rape culture goes, rape apologism, and how important it is to keep challenging these issues. @NoMorePage3 is an account that simply leaves me wondering why page 3 has been accepted for such a long time.

One of the major people at the forefront of feminism on twitter, is @CCriadoPerez. Her name may ring a bell as she campaigned for women to appear on UK banknotes. Unfortunately at the time of her victory over this she faced a barrage of abuse including rape and death threats. Both she and @wmarybeard, the historian have unfortunately been subjected to such abuse, and have both dealt with it in different but very dignified ways. At times some of the theoretical stuff talked about on twitter about feminism can feels a bit overwhelming, but I still enjoy the fact that my horizons are broadening as I read.

Why the Daily Mail is a waste of paper/internet space…

Honestly you can just clink on any Daily Mail link for this, although I wouldn’t encourage it. But mostly just read the comments, or have a look at @BestoftheMail or @SimpleDailyMail for much hilarity.

Many Other Things…

I absolutely love the fact that twitter is the first place to find out new stuff that’s happening as its happening. Of course this can bring on the inevitable hair-trigger and ill thought out opinions of some people. This in turn though encourages a bit of debate, AKA a twitter storm. I love to watch these drama’s unfold, and the turning of the tide of opinion can be an amazing thing. It’s also a thought provoking thing, and I like the fact that it’s taught me to be a bit more reserved with my opinions and hold back on the judgements of whatever the issue of the day is.

The internet is a wonderful place teeming with people from a multitude of backgrounds, and with more interests and opinions than you can shake a stick at. I love the fact that a simple click on a link in your timeline can be the equivalent of jumping down the rabbit hole. On a superficial level, I’ve discovered new blogs, new websites such as buzzfeed which I can’t believe I didn’t know of til about a year ago, and new youtubers. On a deeper level it can lead you to sites which help you develop spiritually, emotionally, and just to view the world through a slightly different filter.

Talking of interests, twitter helped me finally look into doing things I’ve always wanted to learn how to do. Crochet, vegan and veggie cooking, craft ideas, dressmaking and I’ve always found other people who share these interests. A lot of that is down to twitter being so well connected to other sites, making it a bit of a one stop shop for information gathering. Sure, you can just search for a site on Bolivian artisan bread making, but where’s the interaction in that?

Twitter can also be a very funny place at times. There are a few people I follow on twitter who tweet about the mundane stuff we do everyday, which just makes you realise how funny and lovely life can be.

Also, there are lots of links to cats being idiots, which is basically the reason for the internet anyway.

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