lessons from a night out

It’s always nice to get all dressed up and go out with your friends. Whether it’s in your local area or jumping on your nearest mode of transport and braving a possible drunken ride home again, a night out is always a good excuse and a fun opportunity to let your hair down, create some memories and generally relax.

After a recent night out it occurred to me that no matter where you go out, what you do, whether you stay sober or get completely gazeboed, and who you go out with, that some things never change.

Here are lessons I’ve learnt from nights out, in particular those nights which are still going on when the sun is rising.

People can be really kind…

Some of the nicest things I’ve seen have happened at 3am when the clubs start closing, from both sober and intoxicated people. Friends telling each other how much they “bloody love them and would do anything for them” while random people meet in the street/local takeaway queue and get chatting to each other about their night out.

Romantic gestures are definitely aplenty on any night out too, even if some of them are only being done because of an excessive amount of alcohol, it still counts. I’ve seen marriage proposals, several men offering shivering girls their jackets in the night bus queue and I’ve lost track of the amount of men I’ve seen buying roses off the street in the hope it’ll woo the random girl they’ve been flirting with all night (which I should note, I’ve never actually seen work but bless them for trying).

My all-time favourite was watching a drunk guy telling his female friend that he’d been in love with her for 2 years but never felt brave enough to tell her, luckily the feeling seemed reciprocated (either that or she’ll be regretting kissing him all the way home on the night bus).

But they can also be really mean…

Considering alcohol or just having a late night tends to intensify emotions, it’s an unfortunate fact that on nights out you’ll also encounter people being mean to each other too.

From dirty looks among dancers who are after the same person, to full on drunken fights between both friends and complete strangers in the street (which no can really remember why it started in the first place), not everyone’s night will end well. Don’t believe me? Just ask the stereotypical crying girl in the corner.

No one actually cares if you can’t dance

As McFly’s “One for the Radio” goes, “we all look the same in the dark”, so it doesn’t matter if you can move like Jagger or dance like your Grandma on a night out, no one actually cares.

How do I know? My dance moves are terrible. I don’t move my legs, my hands think they’re at a shit 90s rave and I sing along really loudly to every song I vaguely know, even if I hate it. When songs I love get played, I lose my tiny mind and am prone to accidentally hitting people as my hands go bat-shit.

Yes I may get a few odd looks and the occasional laugh, but guaranteed there is a worse dancer than me in the room, and my friends never leave my side, so who cares?

No matter what you’re wearing, never feel self-conscious

You know the saying; “there’s always someone worse off than you” the same goes for clothing on a night out.

Think your dress might be too short? Or that the fancy dress theme your friend has demanded is going to make you look ridiculous? Don’t worry. Chances are that on your night out you’ll see someone in dafter fancy dress, in a shorter outfit and generally standing out more than you. And standing near them will be someone in the same position…and on the situation goes for an infinite period of time on every night out ever.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with bad songs

We’ve all had that experience on a night out when a song you detest comes on, but the rest of the dance floor seem to love it so you know the DJ won’t change it. So what do you do?

This is the point where people tend to do at least one of the following…go to the bar, go for a ‘social’ cigarette, starting taking pictures on the dance floor or snog a random, basically anything that passes the next 2 minutes.

Some tunes will always go down well

This includes anything by Queen, any power ballads from the 80s and Wonderwall.

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