For what seemed like a humorous political statement a few months back, Russell Brand promoted apathy and abstaining from voting in elections and we laughed. He put his points across in an intelligent and humorous manner and he even managed to raise a smile from the Paxman. Spin forward a couple of months and UKIP just won the European elections. Obviously I don’t honestly believe that all of this was because of the BrandPax interview. Russell Brand pointed out the level of apathy among the common voter and he was right. The problem is, when balanced individuals don’t vote, the less balanced still do, as they love having their voices heard. Enter stage (far) right, Nigel Farage. Your voice in Europe. Wishing you voted now?

How UKIP won the euro election

This European election had the pitiful turnout rate of 33.8%, so if you didn’t vote, you definitely aren’t alone. Unfortunately and probably justifiably, we are hugely skeptical of politicians and this is driving people away from voting. Not only that, it seems that we really don’t care about the UK’s position in Europe and our politicians simply do not engage us. Recently on Question Time, Davey Dimbles announced the controversy laced line up that included Piers Morgan, football’s “philosopher king” Joey Barton and newly elected UKIP MEP Louise Bours. Mr Barton made a very valid point that UKIP only won 27% of the overall vote when only 34% of eligible voters actually voted. Unfortunately he then reverted to type by saying that voting for UKIP was like going for the least ugly of four ugly girls. You were so close to gaining a little respect Barton. So close, but yet so far. Nigel Farage promised an earthquake and this was a tremor. Not trying to take away from their very obvious success, but Joey Barton did make a good point, not enough people really care about the European elections to actually vote. But there could still be an earthquake in the next general election if UKIP keep saying the things people want to hear. It is worth noting they aren’t all lunatics and they are significantly more relatable to the normal voter.

Labour, conservatives, Lib Dems
Does anyone actually feel compelled to vote for them?

You could vote for Cameron Bot, Ed Aardman Milliband or Judas Clegg, or you could vote for the guy who always has a pint in his hand and frequently opens with “I’m not racist, but”. Like it or not, Farage has a lot of support and that will only grow as we are approaching an election that is looking likely to be a four party race. The Conservatives, Labour, UKIP and the Monster Raving Loony Party. Sorry Lib Dems, your betrayal of your core voters means you’re out. So come on people, you know how to vote. How many people pick up the phone to vote for another inane TV talent show on a weekly basis for another crap dancing juggling dog act? You may have been caught kipping this time, but next time vote or we might see UKIP in.

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