People often say to me “oh, you are so lucky you know how to use a sewing machine and do all this crafting!”. Lucky? Lucky that my Mum is a great sewer, yes. Lucky that I can make something out of fabric? No, I worked hard to learn that. I remember my mum making me a bridesmaids dress with giant puffy sleeves (yep, early 90’s) and having to adjust the pattern as even then I was turning into a pear shape.  

I was amazed how she could do it so I asked her to teach me, and teach me she did.  I remember a summer making loads of skirts to work on the skills with the sewing machine.  Once my mum realised I was really enjoying it and I’d started my GCSE in textiles, we got a new machine.  My Mum got her machine in the seventies when she married my Dad (42 years next month, aawwwww) so the newer one was all-singing and all-dancing!  And 16 years later it’s still the machine I use.

So after school and uni, I wasn’t sewing as much but I decided to make a dress for my friends’ little girl and the calm I felt when I was sewing felt good. I thought to myself I need to do this more, so I went to courses (mainly at Me and Mrs Fisher) and got back into crafting.  So here are a few of my favourite craftspiration sources: books and websites that help me ‘get my craft on’.


I love books, they are my jam! Especially craft books. I am loving Tilly Walnes’ book, Love at First Stitch which is quite new (you can buy it on her website here along with her patterns and cute tote bag). It’s really easy to read with clear instructions and there are eight projects to do as you move along the book and improve. Her instructions helped me get over my fear of invisible zips! I have made Delphine from the book – it’s lush, so cute and totally geeky in my Star Wars fabric. 

Delphine Skirt
Showing my geek side proudly

I adore the Collette  patterns and website (the free one for Sorbetto is a dream to make) so when I saw there was a book out I had to get it.  It has some great patterns and very well explained instructions.  Her guide to help adjust a pattern to fit you is very easy to follow, and so helpful. 

One book that I have recently bought is Material World by Perri Lewis. It is a great all-round craft book with loads of easy projects to do on a variety of crafts.  I think it’s a good starter book and hopefully I can start a couple of new hobbies using it.


I love looking at the internet (read: wasting time on the internet!)  So here are a couple of my favourite craft sites/blogs.  I would also say Tilly‘s website and Collette‘s websites (mentioned above) are great as well.

Pinterest – Who doesn’t love this site? It’s basically looking into someone else’s wardrobe/mind/craft room and borrowing their ideas for later.  So easy to use and frightfully addictive.

Baking, Making and Crafting – OK so I shall admit it first off: this is one of my BFF’s blog and I love her dearly. But seriously, her blog is great!  Her bakes are amazing, her sewing skills are off the charts AND she prances while doing it all.  Look, we even made our own Jane Austen dresses and wore them in the streets, we are so cool! (Mine is still in my wardrobe, you know, just in case Darcy shows up!)

Buzzfeed – yeah I know its all about the cats on there BUT they have some great craft ideas too like this one

That’s a few of my favourites, what are yours? 

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