When it comes to preparing for and being at a festival, I am not a girly girl. I pack light unless it is alcohol, I wear less make up and I don’t parade round like it is a fashion show. Sweat, dirt, ketchup, cider – all fair game to be on my person across a five day festival. And why not? I like my muddy fields hard, loud and full of banter. The last thing I am worrying about is what I look like.

Post Reading Pampering

The second I get through the door on the Monday morning, it is a different story. I want to rip my filthy skin off, pull out all my hair and lie in a bath for at least 24 hours. There is nothing worse than being very obviously dirty in a place that is, well, very obviously clean.

And that is why this year I am more prepared. The minute I drop my bag to the floor, I’ve devised a cleaning, pampering and scrubbing routine that’ll have me go from smelly to sexy (or human…that’ll do), in not more than an hour.

The first wash

That first shower after a festival? Savour it. Take as long as you like. It will feel like the best shower you have ever taken in your whole life and your battered bones will be thanking you. In order to get rid of every single last scrap of dirt, I use a shower gel first and then I use an abrasive body scrub like Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush. It has extra scrubby bits of brown sugar, and it smells of the tropics (lime actually) so will take away any faint smell of tent you have lingering.

Clean hair

At this stage I give my hair the first of many washes, to get campfire, bits of hay or anything else suspect that has decided to take residence over the previous 5 days. A double shampoo and a conditioner works a treat (get something good for your hair, but that also smells yummy) and then I slap on a hair mask. Not strictly necessary, but I find Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Mask is a nice treat and restores some life into sun bleached or rain drenched hair. I leave it on for about an hour.

Sam in Post Reading Face Mask

Facing up to it

That face is going to be dying for a proper wash after using cheap baby wipes to deal with the grime all weekend. After getting out of the shower and with hair mask on, I’ll cleanse my face as usual, then slap on a really deep cleansing mask like The Sanctuary Spa Thermal Detox Mask to get rid of all those buried nasties and cure any spots that might have cropped up. You can buy cheap sachets in all good chemists of all sorts of face masks, so grab what you fancy.

A long hot soak

At this point, I’ll run a long hot bath. Mainly to check whether I’m clean, but also to relax. Festivals are bloody hard work and if you back isn’t breaking and your feet are’t screaming – you just didn’t do it right. Whilst I normally chuck in any old bubbles, for occasions like this I break out a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar slice. Sometimes I’ll buy two because I have two baths. Don’t judge me – I just like it that way!

Final spruce up

Once all bathing has been completed, I’ll rinse the masks off my face and hair, slather myself in gorgeous smelling body moisturiser and give myself a blow dry. Other notable things you may decide to add to your routine are a foot spa if you have one (there is no way of explaining the bliss I felt after 5 days in painful wellies last year once I’d plopped them in a foot spa!), and a home manicure or pedicure. My level of effort really depends at this stage how hungover I am or how much I want to crawl in to bed.

What are your routines after a hard weekend? If all else fails, many manage on a quick shower and a bacon sarnie – if that is more your style, then go for it. But if there is anything I can do to ensure I feel normal when I return to work the next day, I’ll be doing it with some post festival pampering!


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