When Tina Turner sung We Don’t Need Another Hero, I believe she was wrong. A lot of things can happen in the Marvel universe. Aliens can invade Earth through a portal in the sky, a man can fly around the sky in a metal suit and apparently you can change the sex of a well established character at will. In case you missed the thunderbolt from Marvel the other week, Thor the Norse demi god we all know and love, is about to undergo some rather drastic changes of the chromosome variety. That’s right, Thor is going to seriously get in touch with his.. err her feminine side.

Thor becomes femal

The thinking behind recasting Thor as a female character has been taken to try and encourage a large part of the female demographic to get into comic books. While I understand the reasoning and also believe there is a lack of well known female characters in the modern day Avengers world, I’m not sure I can fully get behind this decision. Thor is a male character and changing this strikes me as silly as making James Bond a woman or Lara Croft a man. Surely it is within reason that the creatives at Marvel would be able to create another worthy female leading character rather than having to repurpose one of the best established characters in the comic book world (first appearance way back in 1962).

Where we had James Bond, Rare created Joanna Dark and while Lara Croft has recently been reborn, it didn’t stop Naughty Dog creating Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. It can be done and done well if you try. This move just strikes me as a little lazy. The publishers who are making this move have made it very clear, this isn’t a substitute Thor, this isn’t Thorita or Lady Thor, this is Thor, the one worthy of wielding Mjolnir. This has also led to the speculation that in the future, the studly Aussie Chris Hemsworth might be out of a job as a female Thor could take to the silver screen.

While I occupy the skeptical side of the neutral ground on this, it is happening and soon. The female version of Thor will be landing in Asgard in October and who knows, it could work very well. It is not unheard of for major comic book characters to go through such drastic changes. For example, did you hear that Captain America is going to become Captain African America soon? I guess in the comic book world, these things can happen regularly and they can be very entertaining. The writers and illustrators draw a line and say in the words of Monty Python, now for something completely different. I still can’t help but think that this is creative laziness on their part and they should create a new kick ass female superhero to introduce to the Marvel lineup. Going all the way back to my opening gambit with Tina, we do need another hero.

Now for something completely different
Now for something completely different

But at the end of the day, think of this. Disney owns Marvel, Marvel owns Thor. Thor is the son of a king, Thor is now female. Thor is a Disney princess…

How do you feel about that?

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