You know how it is.

One day you know you cannot carry on like this. No matter what anyone says, your mum, your friends, your more rational self, you know. It. Cannot. Continue. You’ve had enough.

Of course you’ve known this for a while, you’ve pretended to yourself, you’ve scared yourself witless by all the Bad Things That Will Happen if you do The Thing you know you need to do. Trouble is, you can’t fool yourself. I know and you know that you’re far too smart for that. You know where it is at and it’s not pretty.

This is when you need to Step Up And Make Shit Happen.

Create Your Own Career Rainbow

I did this 7 years ago. I left a relationship, my job, my home town, I had nowhere to go to, no money, and to be honest, not much support either. It was make or break and I couldn’t lie to myself any longer. I knew I had to leave, whatever it took.

Now you don’t need to do the dramatic route and if I am honest, I will admit that I am still coming out of the effects of it. You may be reading this and you’re hunky dory and your life is FAB-U-LOUS and you’re all good. That’s me now, I’m so happy I have happy attacks. Yes, seriously. Cool huh?

But if there is a little voice saying ‘hello, you KNOW this job/work/business/client isn’t right’ then we need to talk.

That voice will not go away. It’s smart. After all, it’s you isn’t it, and you know and I know, how completely amazing you are. That shit will not go away until YOU step up and make it go away. It’s hard, it is. I won’t lie to you. Since when was that a reason? Walking in 5 inch heels isn’t a breeze and they kill your feet and you do it anyway. Ever given your cat a bath? Enough said.

It’s like being in a dark grey rain storm. You keep walking and next thing you know, a gorgeous rainbow appears. (Which is why I have the beautiful photo above). It doesn’t matter that a socking great ugly bus went across the shot just as I took the Instagram. The rainbow is just as incredible. 

So if your job, your career, your business, your client  is wrong for you, you need to take serious action and you have been avoiding it like the 7 plagues of Egypt, take out your brolly, put on a pair of wellies, get out into the rain, step up and make shit happen.

We’ll be here for when you have your rainbow and I make no apologies for using a cliche. I LOVE rainbows, especially if they have gold dusted unicorns with cake at the end of them.

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