The geek shall inherit the Earth, or something like that. The realm of Comic Con and video games are no longer derided as belonging to the nerdy outcasts of the world. Recently the popularity of such previously outcast “nerdy” topics has dramatically spread, much like the outbreak of a particularly catchy STD in Geordie Shore.

Now is as good a time as any to break it to you, I am a gamer and proud. My love for gaming started when I was given my first brick of a Gameboy, it blossomed when I bought the glorious Nintendo 64  with my own money (still the greatest console in my opinion) and it has continued right up until the glistening beacon of next gen gaming.

xbox one and ps4
Look at the shiny

For something to be next gen, it has to be a massive jump forward and tantalizingly just out of reach, but for the Xbox One and PS4, that is no longer the case. Both consoles have nearly been around for a year now, but the big question is have they realized their next gen promise?

F*** no.

The Xbox One stuttered embarrassingly at release with a number of huge U turns to try and claw back the market and the PS4 stormed into the lead with its mighty processing power. But it is a year on and so far I am regretting pre ordering my Xbox One. Is that because the PS4 is a better machine? Lets just say if I had pre ordered a PS4, I would be regretting wasting a slightly smaller sum.

Coming up to the first birthday of both consoles and the single game I am really excited about playing is GTA V remastered from the last generation of consoles. Currently I don’t own a single Xbox One game and recently invested in Fallout 3 for the 360, a six-year-old game to keep me entertained. And life in the PS4 camp isn’t any better no matter what some fanboys might say. My PS4 owning housemate is a testament to this as he sits on his DS playing Zelda Ocarina of Time (a 16 year old game).

Fallout 3 and xbox 360 gaming
You know next gen has failed when all you have to play are games from 6 years back

Sure, smiting insane numbers of zombies with a machine gun totting teddy bear in Dead Rising 3 was fun, but here I am longing for a graphically inept copy of Guitar Hero from yesteryear. I cannot honestly say that any game releases on either new generation console are anything better than alright, just something I could get on my Xbox 360 with slightly shinier gameplay. It doesn’t matter how mind blowing a console’s capability is, without the games it is just an expensive doorstop. 

Generally all new consoles take some time to get into the swing of things and you only start getting the truly great games years into their life cycle. But the complete absence of a single game on either console that I would truly consider a next gen game brings me to the conclusion that Sony and Microsoft seriously jumped the gun. 

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