You know you’re getting old when you start feeling genuine emotion about soft furnishings. For me, that time has come, and you lucky lot get to share this exciting moment with me.

Today I want to talk to you about blinds. Sexy sexy blinds.

For the five years my boyfriend has lived in his house, he’s never had curtains in his living room, just net curtains. For him, this has never been a problem; as far he’s concerned they do a good enough job and ‘feathering his nest’ isn’t his sort of thing.

However, now I’ve got my size 5s well and truly under the table, I thought it was high time I addressed the whole naked-window situation as it bothers me somewhat. Aside from not being able to laze on the sofa half-dressed and with un-brushed hair for fear of the postman walking past, giving a cheery wave and getting the shock of his life, by not having the windows properly covered, I feel slightly vulnerable. (It’s really difficult to watch Crimewatch or Couples Who Kill without having a minor nervous breakdown about the fact I can’t see out but people can see in).

Despite various suggestions, protestations and near-on bribery, he’s not budged on the idea of having curtains, but he has said we could install a blind. I’ll admit, at first this offer didn’t fill me with joy; I’ve always thought blinds were a bit cold, unfriendly and only really suited to kitchens and bathrooms. But oh boy, how wrong I was!

Having essentially got the go ahead (and not one to waste any time when it comes to shopping), I started browsing online, thinking it would take an absolute age to find anything that would be suitable, but before I knew it, I had a scrapbook of potentials!


There is a huge choice of different styles of blinds – roman, roller, venetian, vertical – so you can look for the one that is best suited to your room, depending on its use and the sort of light it receives throughout the day.

Dunelm Mill

There’s also a whole heap of different designs you can have, whether it’s something subtle for the bathroom or perhaps something bold and bright for a nursery.

John Lewis
John Lewis

I actually found myself making a list of blinds I’d like to install in various rooms that don’t even exist in our house – birdie blind for my study maybe or perhaps the country scene for a farmhouse style kitchen?

Laura Ashley
Laura Ashley

As well as a huge amount of choice on the way it looks, there’s also a whole spectrum of prices, whether you’re looking to fit within a strict budget or really splash out.


As I said at the beginning, I am very, VERY excited about blinds now. It’s like a whole new magical world of window furnishings has been opened up to me and I feel like a bit of a numpty for spending all this time thinking blinds were boring; they aren’t at all! They can pull together a decor scheme or make a bold statement of their own.

Now we’re just left with the difficult decision of choosing which one to go for. I was hoping to paint the living room a nice shade of duck egg blue, but I went away for the weekend and returned to a delightful shade of bright blue that I like to call ‘Public Toilet Chic’, so we definitely need something to make it feel more homely!

What do you think of blinds as soft furnishings in the home? And what exactly does go with ‘Public Toilet Blue’?

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