As a graphic designer, it’s safe to say I like pretty things. There are many things that catch my eye: illustrated stationery, prints for my walls, Harry Potter cross stitch, funny shaped pencil holders… and as a result, I have too much stuff. Much too much stuff. So I’m trying to content myself with window shopping so that I don’t have to kick out my boyfriend to make more room.

In an industry that still can be a bit tilted towards men on the gender scales (the current ratio of gals to guys in my team is 2/8 ), I do like a good bit of girl art. I’ll feature the menz at some other point, I promise, but I’ve seen a lot of awesome things recently by girl designers that hopefully you will also think are awesome, and perhaps even buy their stuff. At least if I can’t fit anything else in my house, I can perve on your purchases on Instagram. Almost as good.

Girls Who Draw

girl designers

I came across these postcard sets through a Facebook ad which, for once, was actually pretty well targeted. Usually it’s just links to the exact thing I’ve already been looking at on eBay, which is pretty fucking pointless since I’ve already looked and already have the link. Anyway. Marine Life is the sixth postcard book in the Girls Who Draw set, and features art by Alexandra Snowdon, Anke Weckmann, Jane McGuinness, Laura-Kate Chapman and Yee Ting Kuit, among others.

girl designers

Girls Who Draw is a collective of UK-based female artists who all create and sell their own work, and come together to collaborate on these postcard sets and exhibitions. 

This particular set (which looks bloody great, by the way) can be found on Belinda Chen’s Etsy shop for £8.15.

Sandra Dieckmann


Sandra is one of my all-time favourite illustrators. I want one of her lion ball prints so much it hurts. She’s just great. 

Sandra sells prints, greetings cards, tote bags and other handy little things featuring her hand-drawn illustrations – definitely for lovers of bears and wolves, dreamy landscapes, intricate patterns and crazy colours.


Sandra’s lovely things can be found in her shop.

Denise Humphrey


Denise from Etsy shop Spanky Spangler up-cycles lightbulbs and creates these awesome steampunk insect brooches, complete with acetate wings. I’m definitely for anything that uses something worn out to create something new, and this definitely falls under that bracket. I’m not much of a brooch person but I’d make an exception for this: IT’S SO COOL. You can find this, and lots of Denise’s other creations at her Etsy shop

Alice Walton


Alice lives in Brighton and creates beautiful, beautiful ceramics. I have no idea what I’d do with them (my cats would smash them to smithereens for a start) so I’m probably best off internet-drooling over them, but they’re SO PRETTY! I think my favourite is possibly her range of completely useless but entirely brilliant ceramic watch bracelets; she also sells ceramic Christmas decorations, roses, buttons and measuring mugs.



Alice sells most of her wares on her website, but also has a good selection on her Etsy shop.

Do you have a favourite female artist?

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