[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM2ZAYv5jjU]I remember watching this back in the day (when I was about 16 and had broken up with my first “proper” boyfriend). It was quite reassuring that these people didn’t have a plan even though they were technically proper adults.

At 16 I had a plan. At least I thought I did, but it was a safe plan because there were so many easy ways out for me. I didn’t really have to see it through and there were plenty of excuses for not succeeding because it wasn’t something I was expected to succeed in. I was going to be a dancer. 

I’m blessed today with many friends who work in the creative arts and I admire them so much. Our very own Charlie going over to Vegas: honestly could not be more chuffed or proud. She is a dancer. I’m not, and I was never meant to be. 

Giving myself the goal of going to dance college and becoming a dancer was the first in a long line of things that I would say I could do before wandering over to the next thing. At 33 (same age as Jesus. Not gonna lie, I’ll be really sad when I can’t say this any more) I have other plans. I plan to see things through. 

Some of you are aware of Janie’s School, a project my family and friends started a few years ago (heavily supported by the HTC community – thanks guys!) to build a school in Cambodia in memory of my mum. The school was up and running within 10 months of fundraising and all in all has been a tremendous success and I’m so proud to be a part of it. What I’m not so proud of is that I haven’t been to see the school or open it officially. Part of me feels like it’s therefore been unsuccessful. Ridiculous right?!

I’m not going to dwell on my own neurosis here, this post is actually about you. Yes you *points in your face while twiddling my fake moustache*

What’s your plan? How are you going to get there? What’s stopping you achieving it now? If you’re anything like me, you’re the only thing getting in your own way (fuck me, that’s a lot of permutations of you + r in one sentence). I’ve found that this year I’m getting closer and closer to where I want to be in life and it feels amazing. However, it’s really hard. I’m a procrastinator and I make excuses and get uncomfortable with success. So here are my 5 actions which YOU need to take every day if you want to see that plan through to fruition

1. Write down your goals every day. Make sure they’re exciting and REALLY what you want. 

2. It’s ok to procrastinate but if you do, recognise it for what it is. Fear. It’s not laziness, it’s fear that if you do try you could fail

3. Fail. Fail. Fail again. That’s how we learn. Just make sure you get back up. Ain’t nobody became a success without failing a few times. 

do you have a plan

4. Always be learning. Learning keeps our brains agile and can help us to come up with new solutions to achieving our goals. Be a lifelong learner and make it interesting. Most importantly keep learning about yourself. 

5. Learn from good examples. Find your influencers and inspirations and check in with them daily. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, their blog or website. This is especially important if you’re having “one of those days”. A podcaster I listen to has a mantra of “What would Don Draper do?”. The answer is probably get drunk and shag someone but I see why he uses it. Don Draper in the workplace is direct, confident and successful. Who is your Don Draper? 

Best of luck guys! I wish you all the best in your plotting, planning and rocking the world.

Do you have any tips to beat procrastination and make your plans a reality?

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