One of my best friends is getting married this month. She and her fiancĂ© both adore Terry Pratchett and she was wondering how to incorporate that into the wedding.  So we got to thinking and I found this Pride & Prejudice bunting on Not On The High Street. How cool is that? Using the pages of books as bunting is a seriously clever idea.  So BOOM we had a plan – to make some bunting using the pages of Pratchett books.  

We’ve already made some basic bunting on The High Tea Cast, but here’s how to make this new snazzy version for book lovers everywhere!

You will need –

  1. Some fabric, you can use anything, but for ease and less sewing I am using felt.  The room we have to decorate is quite large!
  2. A book (we are using Nation by Terry Pratchett) but any book will do. Though ripping out the pages made my heart sore, as I love books.
  3. Bias binding, you can get it from any haberdashery.
  4. Pins

To make – 

1. Decide how big you need the flags of the bunting to be.  For the wedding we used the pages are our guide so folded the pages in half lengthways and cut to meet the point in the middle.  This made the cutting out really easy, cut out as many flags as you need.  We ripped up the whole book, the poor book.  Repeat with the felt you are using.

2. Get your bias binding and fold in half, place the first flag about 30 cm from the end of the bunting so you can hang it.  Pin the flag, and move onto the next flag.


3. Continue doing this for a long as you need. 

lots of bunting

4. Using a sewing machine, sew a simple straight stitch all the way along and keep going until the end.  Remember to remove the pins as you get to them so you don’t break a needle.

close up of sewing

5. And that’s it! and easy way to update any room or decorate a party or wedding.  

Seeing as it’s a wedding I have cut out some letters from the book (using the pretty chapter pages) and made Mr and Mrs bunting to go behind the top table.  You could do this for any name, or saying.  I have attached the letters using PVA glue.   YEP I used the cool stuff from school that is the most fun to peel off your fingers afterwards. 

Mr and Mrs

As you can see I haven’t started attaching these flags to the bias binding yet, it’s a work in progress.  I have a few weeks left before the wedding so my plan is to make bunting and watch series 2 of Arrow on my days off.  

So where would you put some bunting? Let me know if you give it a try.

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