I can smell Autumn creeping in, and I’m dead pleased. Aside from a far lower risk of sunburn, we get to crunch through crispy leaves, wrap up in super sexy long coats, don the ol’ knee-high boots and take in gorgeous deep red sunsets. What could possibly be better… Oh, an Autumn filled with free chocolate, you say? Fair point. Let’s make it happen then.


We’re kicking off your Autumn with the chance to relax in the company of total indulgence. Our pals over at Thorntons are giving one High Tea Cast reader their Indulgence Celebration Wicker Hamper – all you need to do is leave a comment on this post about your favourite indulgent thing to do in Autumn.

The hamper contains:

  • Prosecco 
  • Dreamy Desserts
  • Irresistible Gooey Caramel Melts
  • Irresistible Nutty Praline Melts
  • Scrumptious Chocolate Cocktails
  • Magnificently Milk Chocolate Block
  • 70% Deliciously Dark Chocolate Block

Ohhhh mama.

We’ve got a few ideas to make your Autumn evenings really gorgeous, whether or not you win the chocolate.

1. The super soak

Baths are my favourite why to relax. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in my best baths long enough to actually turn delirious with relaxation. It’s a pretty good place to be. Here’s how I get my sexy soak on:

  1. In the evening, run a bath that’s as hot as you can bear.
  2. While the water’s running, add a few capfuls of your favourite bubble bath under the tap. Soap and Glory’s Calm One Calm All bubble bath is my absolute favourite – smells gorgeous and it’s really foamy.
  3. Place as many candles as you can find onto any flat, safe surfaces in the bathroom (not by the entrance of your bath, preferably). Light enough that you can read a book with the electric lights off.
  4. Pop on some relaxing music, if that’ll help you chill out. Leave it off if not. Grab an easygoing book and/or magazines and pop them within reaching distance of your bath. I heartily recommend Haley Hill’s adorable novel It’s Got To Be Perfect for this sort of occasion.
  5. Pour yourself a cold glass of Prosecco and pop a little box of chocolates within reaching distance. Sip and dip at your leisure. 
  6. Once you’ve soaked all your worries away, nip out of your bath (please remember to put those candles out). Slip into some freshly ironed PJ’s and newly changed bed sheets. HEAVEN.

Oh, one last tip – don’t wash your hair unless you have to. Too much ball ache. Sitting under the hairdryer for 25 minutes isn’t relaxing.

2. Movie marathon

After a shitty week at work, I will happily welcome a Friday night away from the pub, opting instead for the homely comfort of my lounge and uplifting films of my choice.

Have dinner (my absolute favourite cheer up dinner is a massive chilli con carne. It just doesn’t get better than that), clear up, pour yourself a glass of bubbles and lay the chocolate out on the coffee table. Stick your pyjamas on and grab your have blanket too, and hit the couch. You’re here for the duration mate.

Particularly if I’m not in a good mood, I really can’t be bothered with the whimsical emotion of a RomCom. Instead, my marathon of choice would consist of:

  1. Calendar Girls
  2. The South Park Movie (Bigger, Longer and Uncut)
  3. Frances Ha
  4. Optional choice in case you’re not a fan of one of the above – Hunger Games.

3. Girls night

Get the girls round and do what you do best. Pamper. Gossip. Watch movies. Get ready for a night out. If it contains chocolate and Prosecco, you have a great reason for a catch up.

4. Clean house, clear mind

Having my house in order is easily the best way to keep my mood sweet. And though it’s a task I’ll put off for as long as the next only-half-tidy person, I actually start to enjoy scrubbing away the crap from the surfaces and rearranging my bits and bobs in the end. The result has such a lovely effect on my physical and mental health that I’ve decided it is an indulgence – I love making my house into my own cosy little fort.

I know not everyone possesses this strange quirk about cleaning, but it has to be done. The best you can do is sweeten the deal. So it’s time to chuck everyone out, fling on some crappy leggings and an old tshirt, get your speakers blaring with feel good tunes and line up the chocolate box. Scoff ’em as you fly past with the hoover. Dance with dusters like a loon with a gob full of truffle. Just have all the fun until the place is sparkling clean. I promise, you’ll feel glorious.

5. Office indulgence

Wanna be everyone’s favourite person in the office? Whack out the chocolates and do a tea round when the 3.30 slump hits. You and your colleagues are working hard – and sharing the indigence is nice*.

*I can’t promise I’d share, though.


Now it’s over to you. Pop us a comment in the comment box below and tell us your favourite Autumn indulgence – big or small. Everyone who leaves a comment will be put into a draw to win a Thornton’s Indulgence Celebration Wicker Hamper. Good luck!


**Competition closes at noon on 5th October 2014**

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