On top of the sudden “shit I have to be a grown up” feelings, there is also the daunting inevitability of having to make new friends. Not to mention the whole settling in to a new city and environment.

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 Here is a rough guide to work your way around fresher’s week, and how to make the most of Uni life. Because this is it. The beginning, of the rest of your life as a Fully Functioning Adult. Shit just got real.

Most people at University meet the people they are sharing halls with during Fresher’s Week, and that’s it. Done. Friends.Wham, Bam, Thank you m’am. Well, although that’s lovely. There are more people in your University, than the people who conveniently live on your floor/ flat. So here is some advice. In Fresher’s Week, aim to meet and talk to as many people as possible.

Meet. As. Many. People. A. Possible.

Fresher’s Week is genuinely amazing. But what’s so amazing about it, is that everyone is in the same position. Ready to meet new people. This means this is the one week of your university career, where it is perfectly acceptable to chat to a strangers and get to know them. Take advantage of this.


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Making friends and influencing people.

There are so many events (put on by different societies) going on in Fresher’s Week, you can easily fill up the week twice over going to different parties and meeting new people. So do it. Obviously go out with new housemates once or twice, but you don’t need to every day. Especially if this means you miss out on something you will later regret not attending during the week.

University is great for many reasons. All the learning and books. All the parties and the balls. But it is also a brilliant place to experience things that you might never have got a chance to experience before, or ever again.

Society Ball

Join a society or two

There are two very good reasons why you should join as many societies as possible.

  1. It’s bloody fun. Like loads of fun. A great way to meet people (I suppose that’s two reason but they come under the same heading.)
  2. It will help you with your Future. Yes that right. Future with a capital F.

I know it sounds boring, but sadly, you have to think of the Future with a capital F. Like it or not, you will be expected to get a job one day. And this will come sooner than you think. Do all the fun stuff, but maybe start thinking about how you can gain the skills you need. Being on a society and organising events and all the other stuff that comes with it is a great way to gain these skills, and it looks so snazzy on that CV. It will also provide bullshit for you to say in job interviews for years to come. Trust me. Societies are a great way to have fun, but also look like you didn’t waste your university career drinking and doing tampered Ket*

Here are some societies I joined and simply had the time of my life with. Maybe it will give you some ideas of what you might want to join.

Panto Society.

If they’re anything like the one I had my at my university, they are filled with awesome people who are hilarious and are a great way to relax after a day of studying, to just mess around and be yourself. One of my fondest memories is me dressed as a bear.

Panto Society
Classics Society

A lot of my friends studied Classics, so I joined their society to support them (they were on committee etc). Then I heard they were putting on a performance of Oedipus.

Most. Fun. Ever. Had.

Sounds weird but seriously, I met some amazing people and got to act my little socks off. Some of my dearest university memories are from rehearsing and performing Oedipus. And after parties. Tragedies are where it is at. Apparently.

Classics Society
This was a bit of a curve ball, but you never know what societies are going to spring on you. Also the Classics Society throw a mean toga party.

Debating Society

Now this links in with what I’ve said before about the F word. (not that F word. the other F word). No, this links in with your Future.

Now I know debating sounds geeky. And… well.. it kind of is. But you know what. I loved it. I met some of my closest friends there (and my housemates whom I shared a house with during my later years), but the Debating Society also got me an awesome job whilst I was studying so I didn’t have to work at a Bar every night. It also looks amazing on my CV.

Debating Society
 It’s all about connections when looking for your future career these days, and societies like debating, politics or law are usually crawling with them. Geeky? Yes. Wise Future move? Without a doubt Yes. So find a society that will help in your chosen career, as well as giving you access to the best pub crawls you will ever experience.

I also did Fencing and Archery (which are awesome, by the way). There is such a wide variety of sports at University from the regular (Football, Rugby) to the unusual (Ultimate Frisbee and Dodgeball). Do the stuff you have never had an opportunity to do before/might never have the opportunity to do again.

General stuff to remember

  • Remember; pretend to be confident even if you are scared shitlesss. Everyone feels that way. Trust me.
  • Just talk to people. I know it’s weird, especially if you’re from down south and the idea of talking to someone you’ve not at least nodded to for 10 years previously before you start a conversation seems weird (Northern people seem so much more friendly).
  • Get involved with your Union. It can be a cool place to meet people and to have fun. Also, cheap drinks.
  • Worried about making friends with your new housemates? Bring a doorstop and when you first move in, just leave your door open, so new people can pop by and say hello. Also have cookies. Everyone loves cookies.

Don’t waste your three/four years at uni, going out and drinking. Well do that, but do other stuff as well. Otherwise what’s the point, you might as well have stayed at home and just carried on drinking there.

University is fricking awesome. Do as much of it as possible. Meet as many new awesome people as you can. Why do I keep telling you to meet as many people as possible? Because some of them may be dicks. The more people you meet, the easier to weed out the weak and increase the amount of awesome.

*(Don’t do tampered Ket. It’s bad for you. Obviously)

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