Whether you’re a graduate, a freelancer at the end of a gig, or you’ve recently been made redundant, there’s nothing that will push you to your limits more than admitting that you’re – gulp – unemployed. The word alone can be hard to swallow as it conjures up Daily-Mail-approved images of queues outside the dole office and benefit fraudsters rubbing their hands together with entitlement, but believe me; you are NOT going to be unemployed forever, even though it might feel like it at the time.



We know it’s tough out there. As the weeks tick by, there will be awkward moments you’ll take to your grave. There will be days when you want to give up. There will be tears. It will occasionally feel humiliating. You’re going to apply for hundreds of jobs and only hear back from a handful. You might find a role you really want, pour your heart into the application, get through to the second round of interviews, then have to have a defeatist phone call with your other half when the company chooses to go with someone else.

If all of this is sounding familiar, read through some of the confessions, thoughts and little white lies below and take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone…

I’m interviewing for roles I don’t actually want.

I’m listing everything I own on eBay.

My new favourite phrase is “in-between projects”.

See also, “I’m taking a break”.

I’m saying yes to those last minute emails from agencies I hate.

I wonder if I could live off the cereal that XYZ brand consultancy asked me to write about ‘for exposure’.

Is my wage expectation too high?

Is my wage expectation too low?

Music Magpie is my new best friend.

I’ve updated, polished and rewritten my CV almost every day for the last month.

I only get out of my pyjamas for interviews.

If I eat nothing but toast this week, can I afford to go out for my friends birthday this weekend?

I know that the JSA is there, but walking into the Job Centre will literally destroy the last piece of dignity I have.

I could definitely do that job. 

Oh no wait, I don’t have six years experience.

I really need to start playing the lottery.

I don’t know where I see myself next weekend, let alone in 5 years time. 

I bet Lena Dunham never had to put up with this shit.


What little thoughts have run through your mind when unemployed? Share them with us…you are not alone. 

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