So crafters are you ready for Christmas? Yes I said it, I am most definitely in the camp of Christmas should be in December but if you are going to make something yourself you need to start now.  So here are some great ideas for quick and easy ideas for you to craft up your christmas.

Tree and lights

Cross stitch

I love cross stitching, I find it very relaxing  so when purchasing a cross stitch design from Wee Little Stitches for my friend, I noticed they had a few free designs which incorporate Buddy the ELF  and his quotes about christmas.  You know the ones I mean… I like to smile, smiling is my favourite, and my personal favourite – the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Closet Elf fan and want to get involved? Get the pattern download here for FREE, get some red aida and get stitching!

Pom Poms

Check out the tutorial below from WipKits!
Check out the tutorial below from WipKits!

Who doesn’t love a Pom Pom? When I found this tutorial for a wreath made from Pom Poms on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it happen this year.  I’ve decided to get serious about my Pom Pom craft so I’m buying a specific Pom Pom maker. No winding some wool around cardboard anymore – I do love a gadget! 



There are so many craft ideas for present wrapping! No longer do you have to put up with a £1.99 roll of tacky paper from the corner shop, you can make your own. One year I wrapped everything in brown paper and then added multi coloured ribbons and bows on them. The year before that I made my own stamp, got white wrapping paper and stamped little holly leaves all over the paper.  We’ve done our own tutorial for wrapping paper, but there is also a great selection of ideas for wrapping at Craftionary. I like the white paper with attached crayons. I think that may be used for the nephew this year!


This year I am hosting my parents for Christmas, so I need to decorate my flat. I already have a tree, some lights and my table looked awesome last year.  But I’m afraid that isn’t enough for me so I need some more! I’ve decided to make something extra for the tree, so I followed our really easy decorations tutorial and made a few stars in christmas fabric.


I am going to try making this Christmas scene in a jar. Personally I think it looks great and the tutorial is very straightforward. All you need is to eat all the nutella and the use the jar – what a hardship!

How are you going to craft up your christmas? Find me on Pinterest and here is my christmas board with some more ideas for you.

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