I love Christmas. I mean, I really love Christmas. I get ridiculously excited in the weeks leading up to it and throw myself into preparations by listening to festive tunes on repeat, watching Elf over and over and over again (Will Ferrell – hubba hubba!), and more or less living in so-hideous-they’re-beautiful jumpers. Right now I’m rocking a rather fetching red number with a giant reindeer head on the front. 

However, despite my unbridled love for this time of year, there is a part of it that doesn’t sit right with me. There’s something that just bothers me. 

I’m talking about decorations. Christmas decorations make me uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love seeing shops, public spaces and other people’s homes lit up like sparkly, twinkly grottos; I just can’t handle it in my own space. I like surfaces to be clean and clear with as little as possible on show – so much so that when I lived alone, I kept everything except the microwave and the kettle in the cupboards; empty work surfaces make me happy.

So, what does an anti-clutter lover like me do when it comes to this time of year? I want to embrace the fun of this special time, I want my home to look festive, but I need to do it without covering every available piece of space with sequins or (*shudder*) glitter. 

As I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only person who struggles with the concept of ‘things’ hanging, draping, standing on and covering every surface in the home, here are some of my Christmas decor tips for minimalists.


This one is oh-so-simple. Rather than stringing fairy lights around, purchase yourself some scented candles (you can get some brilliant scents like berry or pine that represent Christmas so well) and pop them into some festive holders..

Christmas Candle Holder from Wilkinson
Christmas candle holder from Wilkinson


Soft furnishings

A super-duper, mega-easy, anyone-can-do-it way to inject some Christmas jazz into your living room or bedroom is in the form or soft furnishings – I’m talking bed covers, cushions and throws. Whip off your usual ones, pop on your Christmas ones and BAM, job done!

Soft Furnishings from Matalan
Soft furnishings from Matalan


Accessories and decorations

Although I’m not big on decorations (like tinsel – it’s my nemesis) I do like to have quirky little pieces dotted around the house. Just enough to catch the eye and create a feeling of cosiness and festivity without taking up too much space or overwhelming the room. I think this year more than ever there seems to be a huge variety of different style knick-knacks out there, so that there is surely something for every possible taste.

Christmas Decorations from Next, Dunelm, Matalan & Asda
Christmas decorations from Next, Dunelm, Matalan & Asda



This probably my biggest Christmas decor tip – steer clear of trends! As with anything else, you will find year on year that different styles or themes are ‘in’. Although at the time you might think they’re brilliant, or you want to go fit in with the fashion, try to only buy items you love and will get use out of for years to come. Buying something that is only current for one season will, essentially, be a waste of money as the likelihood of that scheme being relevant in 12 months time is minimal. I try to buy decorations that have a story or some meaning behind them, so that I know even when I’m old and grey, I’ll be able to look at them and still love them!

So, these are my top tips for enjoying the festive season and decorating your home when you’re a minimalist lover like me!


If you’ve got any additional words of wisdom when it comes to Christmas decor, please share them in the comments below – let’s have ourselves a little festive hive mind!

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