I’ve been using Tinder for just under a year now, and although there’s still some snobbery and scepticism about it, I enjoy using it. It might seem like the world’s most shallow thing since Dapper Laughs, but it’s really not as bad it seems.

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I’ve gone on about 10 Tinder dates with different men now, and although I’ve been fortunate enough not to have complete disasters that left me wondering how to jump out the nearest exit, I’ve not exactly met “the one” yet.

So to make myself feel better about this, I thought I’d share the 5 types of men that I’ve met on Tinder so far and what I’ve learnt from each of them.

Mr First Tinder Date

first date
I initially joined Tinder as a way to deal with my first break up. I wanted confirmation that other men might fancy me. Something that shouldn’t matter but suddenly does when you’ve broken up with someone.

I had no intention of actually meeting any Tinder boys, it was just some fun, something to pass the time. But like Tinder always manages to do, I found myself changing my mind and going on my first ever Tinder date.

I hadn’t been on a date in over two years, so to say I wasn’t on my best form would be an understatement. My make up looked like a child had done it, my outfit was basically a potato sack and I was 45 minutes late because my nail varnish wouldn’t dry properly.

From Mr First Tinder Date I learnt what things I shouldn’t do on a first date. Including mocking his choice of drink, demanding I pay for the next round a little too intensely and getting so drunk I fell off my chair…twice.

Mr Sweet But Not Quite Right

Next up was Mr Sweet but not quite right. He was charming, funny and polite. But he just wasn’t for me.

This is the second lesson I learnt from Tinder. It’s ok to be picky, just because they’re nice doesn’t mean you have to marry them.

Mr Intense

Mr intense
One of the weirdest Tinder dates I ever went on (and not in a bad way, just in a way that left me incredibly confused) was with Mr Intense.

The conversation was very one sided, in fact the only question he asked the whole night was why my last relationship broke up. So I naturally assumed he wasn’t interested and bought enough cocktails to get me through the night.

But the next day I was bombarded by messages from him. I got 10 in the space of 8 hours…while I was in work and so therefore not really keen on using Tinder in front of my boss.

What did I learn from Mr Intense? There are people out there just as needy than me, and how off putting it can be.

Mr Perfect

Mr Perfect
This Tinder date was without doubt the best date I’ve ever had, and yet we only met once. It wasn’t even that spectacular. He didn’t pick me up in a limo, turn up with flowers or take me up the Shard (not like that, you perverts), in fact we just had a few pints and a burger.

But the hours we spent together felt like minutes, and his kiss goodbye made me feel like I was in a movie. I half expected snow to fall from the sky and for him to wrap me up in a coat a la Bridget Jones (without me just wearing massive knickers).

Sadly a week later he told me he’d actually met someone else so he couldn’t see me again.

Lesson learnt: Don’t get too attached after the first date.

Mr Right At The Wrong Time

Mr right at the wrong time
This is my latest Tinder encounter, but to me it’s the most important one. This is the one who helped me get over my ex, made me realise there were other people out there and that I wasn’t alone in what I’d been through a few months before.

Me and this boy had over 15 dates (yes I liked him so much I counted), talked every day for over 3 months and were basically’seeing each other,’ not that we ever admitted it to ourselves. I have some truly lovely memories with him that I will never forget. He ticked every box except one, and unfortunately it’s the most important one, being emotionally available.

This poor boy turned out to be me, but 6 months ago, getting over heartbreak and still in love with his ex. Just like me, he hadn’t intended on meeting anyone on Tinder and got himself a little too deep. He’s what I called Mr Right At The Wrong Time. Which unfortunately means he’s still Mr Wrong.

I’ve learnt a lot from this man, and in fact I continue to, as he’s such a special person I decided to remain friends with him. He’s a positive influence who makes me want to make the most out of life and I believe you can’t let people like that slip through your fingers. Plus he’s hot and it’s also nice to have eye candy in your life.

This man taught me that you can meet nice boys on Tinder. I just need to be patient and find one that wants to be with me for the long-term.

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