Happy New Year. 2015 kicked off with the final episode of a surprisingly controversial sitcom. Miranda, (a sitcom that is full of slapstick fun, bad puns and the constant fourth wall breaking asides) doesn’t sound controversial. But it is for the following reason: people just love, love, love to hate it. I won’t comment on the type of people who like to hate it because that would be a crass generalisation (people who consider themselves above everyone else because they like watching foreign films and read the guardian while drinking their ethically farmed coffee bean skinny caramel latte. Ok maybe I will stereotype).

Well. Ignore those people. They wouldn’t know fun if it bit them on the bottom. 

Miranda : S1 : Ep3  : Job

The last episode of Miranda in my humble, non-expert and quite frankly irrelevant opinion was one of (if not the) best last episodes for a sitcom we have ever seen. Not only that, Miranda is the best feminist role model we have had on a TV show. As Miranda took her final bow last week, she taught us the following…

Go forth and Gallop

Miranda is an adult child (something I really identify with being that in the past week/hour I have done the following things – walked into a lamp post, accidentally toned my face with nail polish remover and spoken to my breakfast). Miranda is an exaggerated version of being an adult child, but my word is she right to be that child. We should absolutely get in touch with our childish side. We should run like an idiot because it’s more fun than running like an adult (thanks Phoebe from Friends – you’re also on my list of awesome women that I love). You should play stupid games with friends. And you know what else, fellow adult human beings? You should be able to unironically enjoy One Direction or whatever boy band it is you secretly love.

Do the things you love without having the “will other people judge me if I like this?” thought. 

Fuck. That.

Life is short. Love what you love, do it passionately and without shame. Live your life as you want to live it. Don’t meet anyone else’s expectations for your life. It is your life and not theirs. Live up to your own expectations, and gallop everywhere.


You need no one else but you

You cannot constantly meet other people’s expectations, and Miranda really hit the nail on the head with this. Only you can make you happy – you can’t rely on other people to make you happy. Whether that other person is your partner, a friend or a family member, they cannot be the sole reason for your happiness. You have to be happy within your own skin. Make decisions for your self and no one else. Happiness comes from within.

You’re beautiful. Yes, even you.

Unless you’re a size zero with model good looks, the brutal truth is society doesn’t consider you beautiful. When you live in a world where even the most beautiful women on this earth are further airbrushed to an unattainable level of perfection. It is not new or controversial to say that society and media’s perception of beauty is unrealistic and damaging. So when Miranda said the following I literally cheered out loud and clapped.

“I’ve also realised that women like me can be sexy. It’s just that the world might never affirm it so it takes us a little longer to realise”. 

Miranda had “real” people in the sitcom. If you watch Friends or Will and Grace or any other American sitcom or show, truly look at the size of the women. Then look at you and your friends. Are you all size 0? Miranda was realistic in its portrayal of people, it showed all body shapes and sizes. Society and women need to see that other body shapes exist apart from the “not eaten in 5 years” look. I want to watch a woman be funny and succeed at life (and Miranda did succeed in life – she owned her own shop after all) and not have to be conventionally beautiful. And with Miranda you get that. 

To see someone like Miranda stand up and say “No fuck you, I am beautiful”, and to see a woman say “I will love myself, as no one else will” is refreshing in this day and age. You can’t wait and hope that someone else will validate you. You have to love yourself, and you have to accept your flaws.

“I don’t know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving.”

If you’re looking for the perfect person, or you’re expecting yourself to be perfect, quick note – it doesn’t exist. You will only make yourself miserable trying to be something that you’re not, whilst chasing someone who doesn’t exist. You are who you are, flaws and all. And guess what? You’re beautiful the way you are.


I fucking love Miranda

Even if Miranda isn’t your type of comedy, that’s fine. Life would be boring if we all liked the same thing. But just because you don’t like her comedy, you would be a fool not to realise how impressive Miranda has been. Its content and message for independent women is just so important. How many sitcoms have a woman as the lead? Now tell me how many primetime TV shows are written by a woman? Not many huh?

Not bad for a “silly” sitcom.

Miranda Hart, you’re the role model women deserve. Flaws and all.

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