Redundancy is a bitch.

It’s like being kicked in the gut. Of course, it’s meant not to be personal. In fact, it’s required not to be by law. But still it doesn’t change the fact that your employer has said “sayonara” to you and your job and you’re left asking; “where the fuck is my income going to come from now?”

Now, I hear you say, I haven’t been made redundant yet.

First all, hooray! Second of all, that is a fabulous situation to be in, because you can plan *insert cackle and cartoon evil laughter here*.

Planning for redundancy

Here’s the thing: You’re a savvy woman/man. There’s shit going down at work. You may be going, or you may not be going. Either way, it’s emotionally exhausting. But if you know redundancy is potentially looming, you have an opportunity.


Planning is the key here. Redundancy is fucking scary. It’s also true that the life many people wanted for themselves in the first place starts once they’ve been made redundant.

If the worst should happen – or even if it doesn’t – a chance to check yourself and make sure you’re happy in your working life wouldn’t go amiss…

What Do You Want? Really, Really Want?

computer and sunglasses

It’s easy to fall into a job as soon as you need to earn money and get stuck. Suddenly you wake up three decades later and wonder what the fuck happened.

A redundancy is your opportunity to remember what you wanted to do with your life, or work it out, or update it, or create a big fat master plan for how you are going to start freelancing/your own business/travelling the world and earn an income. 

You could consider freelancing or earning money on the side of your next job, with the aim of releasing you from having to earn employment money in a few years time.

Really, honestly, how do you want to live?

Design your life. Work from there. 

Job security is a big fat myth


Ooh, controversial. 

It’s great getting paid at the end of the month. But job security? Unless you’re a civil servant, good luck with that. Even teachers and doctors have problems with job security. Start to unlink in your mind that job = security, because if you want to do something that isn’t commonly dubbed “secure”, you probably won’t do it at all. It’s amazing what opportunities present themselves when you’re not stuck in the 9-5.

You may decide job hunting is the right thing for you, but put your feelings first. Find out about the job from people already there and doing it.

If redundancy looms, what will you start planning to do?

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