I first discovered makeup when I was 13.  I started by using brow pencils and eyeliners to hide the fact my Alopecia was taking away my eyebrows and eyelashes, and the love slowly grew from there.  Now I’m at a point where my makeup collection could rival that of a professional MUA.

Around about the same age, I also started really getting into my music, very much following in my Dad’s footsteps.  My Dad is a little rocker at heart, he just hasn’t got the hair to go with his passion any more.  I was very much influenced from a young age by his love for punk and rock music, and over the years my love has grown for the same kind of music more and more.  Metallica, who I’ve seen seven times now are my everything, closely followed by AC/DC who I risked getting a telling off for at work whilst I sat in the queue online for 30 minutes getting tickets for their show at Wembley Stadium in July this year.  So yes, my love for the heavier side of music is matched with my love for makeup.  The problem I’ve always had though is that people just can’t seem to take the two hand in hand.  It’s as if I’m not allowed to like one if I like the other.


Girl in question

To put things into perspective, this is me.  Ok, so I don’t walk around with this face all of the time, but you get the idea.  To me this face is perfectly fine going about it’s daily life enjoying it’s heavier tastes in music.  It’s the face I’ve grown up with, I’m ok with it, and I’m ok with taking it along with me to see my favourite bands.  Other people though, they seem to struggle with it.


The judgement

My most recent occurrence of being judged on my makeup clad appearance was only a couple of weeks ago.  I had been to the Slipknot/Korn gig in Sheffield.  I’d had an amazing night so I decided to carry it on with some of my oldest friends.  We headed to our old favourite, Corporation Nightclub; Sheffield’s alternative music club.  We’d been going since we were young, hadn’t gone for a while so thought we’d carry on the night into the early hours there.  At one point in the evening I made a comment on how busy the club was.  I made this comment purely because all other recent times I’d been it was at half the capacity it was on this evening.  

I knew perfectly well why; there had been a Slipknot gig.  Of course this was where everybody would be coming afterwards.  I’m a pretty smart woman, I can put two and two together.  However,  I could see the guy stood next to me just dying to say to me ‘It’s because Slipknot were at the arena tonight’.  He did, with an air of arrogance I may add, but then I had the utter delight of replying, ‘I know I was there’.

He was shocked, and I got the usual response I get in these situations of ‘You don’t look the type’.  Really?  What does that even mean?  Is there a mould I’m supposed to fit?  Were there instructions I missed when I decided that this was the kind of music I was going to listen to?  A particular look I’m supposed to have taken on?  I guess I didn’t get the memo.

The answer to all of the above is no.  What I actually am is totally comfortable and happy with who I am as a person, and the things I like.  I don’t feel the need to be either the ‘alternative girl’ or the ‘girly girl’.  I’ll take a bit of both thanks.  Life’s much more interesting my way.  I adore makeup and beauty and I enjoy following fashion and recent trends.  I favour rock music over all others, but do you know what?  If I’d found out Backstreet Boys were playing in Sheffield the day after the Slipknot gig, I’d have been all over that shit.  Nick Carter?  Yes please.

I have female friends who feel the same, but luckily we’re all strong enough women to not really give a damn about what some small minded guy thinks of us just because we don’t fit the image he believes we should, and the same should go for every single person, male or female out there.  Whatever you do, makes sure you do you.  Whether you’re like me and love makeup and metal, or maybe you’re super sporty, but love to listen to classical music whilst you paint your next masterpiece in your down time.  I’d rather speak to you than my small minded friend in the club any day.

Have you ever been judged on your appearance?

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