Episode 2.7

We’ve all thought about it. How we could survive a zombie attack. ARE WE RIGHT? We’d go up high to avoid the whole being eaten alive thing. Surely we could wait it out? The only problem is, if you are watching something like The Walking Dead, the zombie apocalypse is going to last forever (or over 100 episodes), so there would probably be no escaping it.

But it’s alright – because we’ve got tips to get your mojo and motivation back, which means you’ll be outrunning zombies and any other aliens that might cross our fair lands in no time.

We’ve got:

  • Much chatter on television programmes of choice including The Walking Dead, Scandal and Penny Dreadful. Oh, and dirty sex.
  • Adam Barker chats all things Saved by The Bell, and discusses where some of the unfortunate cast have ended up.
  • Much chatter on motivation – why you lose it, how to get it back and how to keep motivated over the long term.
  • And finally, we got down with our Cards Against Humanity play of the day. We are horrible people.

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