There are many things I love about my iPhone. Instant access to the answers to my most ridiculous questions. Catching up on celebrity gossip the news. Listening to podcasts (you’ve listened to The High Tea Cast podcast, right?). 

digital hostage

But I hate it when my phone holds me digitally hostage. What is this made up term, I hear no one cry? It’s when someone calls/texts/messages/emails you, and you feel pressure to reply rightthissecond

Here’s a scenario. You’re having a lovely, lazy day at home. You’ve been looking forward to it all week, picked out a deeply unhealthy dinner and donned your favourite slob clothes. Quite frankly, you’re looking forward to not talking to anyone else for a few hours. You’re in full on introvert mode. Suddenly, a message pops up on your phone from a friend who wants to have a text chat because they’re bored. Or a Whatsapp pops up asking you what you’re up to.

This is pretty much how you feel about it.

It’s not personal. You just don’t want to talk to anyone. But they’ve seen you’ve read the message. THEY KNOW. And you feel obliged to reply as otherwise you’ll get the passive aggressive follow up.

You’ve been taken digitally hostage.

This is one of my least favourite things about the digital world. The fact that suddenly you’re at the demand of anyone who feels like messaging you (yes this is irrational, but hey – people hate text dodgers). 

Slow replies aren’t always because of laziness though. I could be at work, driving (don’t be that douchebag who texts and drives) or at the cinema. I might be with other people and don’t want to appear rude. Right now, being five months pregnant, there’s a good chance I’ll be asleep. And in a few months, the chances of me replying straight away get even smaller when the little geek arrives. 

So yes, if I say “just saw your message”, I probably saw it hours ago. If you need an immediate answer, call me. If you want to guarantee a response, ask me a direct question rather than attempting to start with the small talk. It’s part of dealing with an introvert

That said, there’s only one thing worse than a text demanding attention. And that’s a phone call….

Do you feel like your phone keeps you digitally hostage? 

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